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I know Billie Piper is definitely not the best choice for British period clothes, because she is too modern, or really bad-looking. I admit that when I first saw this Mansfield Park poster, I was quite shocked. However, I now find it quite natural to accept it seamlessly. Of course, this is based on seeing Billie Piper's Call Girl in four seasons, and it has achieved resonance with the aesthetics of the British Empire. When I searched for her variety shows on youtube, I still felt that her personality was very cute.
So, while watching this movie, I completely avoided her appearance, which could seriously lead to cognitive dissonance. And, only at this time can we say that her acting skills are really good, not pretentious, and very comfortable.
Because of her, I will give this film four stars.

Moreover, this is definitely not the worst adaptation of Mansfield Park. If you read the 99 version seriously, you will be shocked by the strong sense of abolitionism of the heroine in it, although I really don't remember Jane Austen mentioning it in the original book. Fanny was an abolitionist, but the '99 version obviously "over-emphasized" this fact and overwhelmed it.
Just imagine, you are happily watching Jane's film adaptation, but you accidentally see all kinds of black slaves being abused and pornographic prints, or our lovely heroine is reading (although she is not enjoying the process), What a shock it would be -. -

Overall, the beginning of this drama has been quite satisfactory, and the plot arrangement is also very reasonable, at least until the original content is drastically changed (that is, the part where Fanny returns to his home is deleted), it is a good adaptation.
I don't think it's a good choice not to let Fanny go back to her house (that is, her Mama and Papa's place), although this way our heroine's character is more perfect (you can't have a chance to see Fanny disgusting her own home scene) , but the only part of Henry Crawford that showed him trying to be honest, kind and likable was gone. This made the audience feel that it was irrelevant to reject Henry, because he was a libertine by nature, and he never took Fanny's confession seriously. However, this is contrary to Jane's efforts to show his good side in the original. When reading the novel, there is a feeling that Henry has fallen in love with Fanny and is about to turn his back, at least in the days when he showed his love for Fanny. The good side only takes precedence over the bad side.

Then there's the scene where Edmond falls back in love with Fanny. The drama was so dramatic that I almost had a cognitive conflict, and I couldn't help laughing while watching it. When reading the original novel, I felt that such a reversal ending was really beyond the expectations of most readers. The feeling in the novel is that Jane seems to be about to let Fanny and Henry be together, but in order for Fanny and Edmond to finally get married, he deliberately arranged for Henry and Maria to elope, and then let Mary Crawford reveal her cold-blooded selfishness in front of Edmond. Exhausted.
Granted, the film's approach is smooth and consistent, and it's a smart choice in Jane's thickest novel to confuse many readers.
But when I was watching the play, I still had a feeling that Henry Crawford's confession was more enthusiastic and moving. For a moment, I even felt that I was about to fall in love. How can you be so hard-hearted, Fanny? Well, because from the very beginning, this adaptation was set up that Fanny's feelings for Edmond were unquestionable love.

Overall, it's still the same. For the director, screenwriter and editor, it is really hard for them to compress Jane's thickest, most confusing, and widely recognized drama that has invested the most personal cognition and emotion on the heroine to 93 minutes. Don't worry too much about it, there is always no good version of this adaptation.

PS The following content has nothing to do with the video and is purely personal gossip.
Tom's actor is the scumbag boyfriend in the third season of Call Girl played by Billie Piper, and in the MP he still plays an unscrupulous guy.
The role of Mary Crawford is really the same as the heroine in the French version of Lady Chatterley in 2005, which has caused me to have the illusion of being chaotic. However, she has a very arrogant temperament, although, I really always feel that she will run to find her forest guard in the next second. = Forgive me.
Maria's actor is so beautiful, and she looks the same as Miss Tang Tunsan's eyes, which can be very charming.

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