God horse stuff!

Elouise 2022-09-04 03:34:14

I finally finished reading the Austin trilogy adapted by ITV in 2007. The order of watching is exactly the opposite of the order in which it was released. In terms of the content of the novels, my favorite is the sally hawkins' performance that persuaded the remake. It is undoubtedly a highlight. I have to talk about the process of watching. The most enjoyable part is Northanger Abbey. I checked it out. This is the only one of the three films written by Mr. AD. It seems that the remake of Austin is different from Mr. AD. No wonder my favorite is the BBC version of Sanity Emotion and Pride and Prejudice are all from the hands of AD adults.
As for this Mansfield Manor, I am the least familiar with it. It is also the first time to watch the remake. Hurry up and finish it. After reading it, only four words, gods and horses, come to mind! Is it wrong to ask an actor who is so deeply rooted in the role of a call girl to play the heroine of Austen's writings. It's totally unacceptable, and the male pig's feet are in love 90% of the time in the play. The other woman finally hit a wall before turning her head back to the heroine's arms. I actually feel sorry for the heroine's director in the scene where the two of them kiss in the garden. It's a deliberate attempt to get along with you. As for the other actors in this show, they really Can't find anyone else? It's not pleasing to the eye. It's rare for a British guy to choose an actor like this. When he said that this novel is the best selling book in Austin, I wish I hadn't started this 120 minutes before reading the book.

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