Persistence is still necessary, in case the male protagonist suddenly falls in love with you~

Anabelle 2022-09-25 08:20:04

"How did the poet describe his wife, Sir Thomas."
"A wife is the last best gift from heaven, my dear." The

lines are not fancy, but they are moving.
"Just give me a hint, Fanny, no matter how small." Master Ge is a more controversial character. At the beginning of entering the audience's sight, I only regarded him as an ordinary little cannon fodder. Judging from the fact that he made out with the second cousin on the left and flirted with the eldest cousin on the right, he was an aristocratic scumbag. It hurt the second cousin's heart, and the eldest cousin married Luo Xiansen again. Well, out of a small unwillingness, I noticed Fanny, and then the more I looked at it, the more I felt that this innocent little sister was good. Then he threw out the usual "aristocratic killer", I have to say, it's very touching~~~ Actually, I can't tell how much he really loves Fanny, but he returned to the manor for the second time and confided his feelings to the lonely Fanny. For a moment, I believed he really liked Fanny's. I was surprised by the last one. I definitely don't like the big cousin, I don't understand why he still shoots himself in the foot without reading the original book. Anyway, "the better part of my nature is in your hands", I believe he is still a good person. As you are, so is the world. Because it was Fanny, he had that sentence. And because it's Maria, it's the last one out.
Master Thomas is a very nice owner. At first, I babbled about the arrival of little Fanny. I thought he was prejudiced (but the fact is that Fanny is not the ideal heroine in my mind). There are a few details: don't worry about family members when there are troubles; listen to her daughter's opinion on marriage; even in the face of Fanny's refusal to marry Master Ge, his irritability is only due to Fanny's indiscretion, not his interests; Ni and her younger son were happily together, he was only stunned for 2 seconds, and then he was relieved! It's a relief! What else can I say. Including the issue of the abolition of slavery, he was open-minded and tolerant. "If you feel you should be with Maria in this distressing situation, you can leave at any time." I almost applauded.
"Love has to endure disappointment." Miss Ge is a very interesting girl, the cutest girl among all the novels, TV movies and movies she's seen. Sophisticated without losing kindness, even if you do bad things, you will blush. alright, you win. Oh, and still pretty. Extra points extra points extra points.
"I would rather lose you a thousand times than see your true face." The male protagonist is very simple - innocent, kind, decisive, cruel. Still handsome! Even at the end he still said "I wish you well with my heart" to the second daughter. So far, I think everything is normal. At 01:24, at this point, something strange happens. He suddenly fell in love with his cousin! ! ! Is this really reasonable? ! But think about the fact that love is an ethereal thing, who knows where it happens, when it happens, and for whom it happens.
"The best guide exists in everyone's heart." When Fanny rejected Master Ge, I thought she was too hypocritical. If she rejects the suitor out of her deep love for her second cousin, then I can save it. The problem is the audience I can't see how much she loves it. The heroine is not beautiful, most obviously in the mouth. Looking around, beautiful first cousin, beautiful second cousin, beautiful second female, handsome first cousin, handsome second cousin, handsome second male, and a little further away, are both aunts beautiful, fat Luo Si Luo Xiansen also has good facial features. Hey, because of her ugliness, she has a strong sense of existence among the beauties. The only cute thing about this girl is that she reads the newspaper to her big cousin and reads it into a beautiful prayer (I laugh too low). In the end, is God favoring ugly girls or respecting the needs of the original, anyway, she finally waited.

When I was older, I liked this kind of movies with simple plots and simple pictures. The characters tend to be simple and kind (now the Gong Dou Zhai Dou Hot War is so tiring to watch the Cold War), which gave me a way to survive for the small audience. (I won't forget to press my nostrils upside down when kissing!!!!!! Hahahahahaha~~~~~~~~~)

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