Where the rookie killer goes wrong

Maudie 2022-10-25 22:06:45

The American movie "Rabble" has ups and downs in plot and weird characters. It can be regarded as a thought-provoking film after watching it. First of all, in terms of why he murdered, at first glance, he knew that he was a perverted character, abused since childhood, and attempted to take revenge on the women he hated. It should be said that a lot of thought was spent on planning and preparation, choosing a goal, planning the process, and making corresponding preparations. But why does his wife or girlfriend know about his full murder plan and discuss with him what to do next? It can be boldly imagined that it is not his home at all, his wife and children are his mother and himself twenty or thirty years ago, and that part of the killing process is a psychological activity. It is said that it is based on Murakami's novel "The Hole in the Nipples". If I don't find this novel, I won't find out.

Although the male protagonist spends a lot of energy, there are many problems in the whole plan to the implementation, and you know that he is a rookie at first sight. Let’s talk about the plan first, considering the choice of goals, considering the process, and conducting drills, but did not analyze the various situations that the other party may have. The life-and-death struggle does not take into account the various reactions of the other party, there is no corresponding countermeasures, and there is no way to know each other and know yourself, so it is not surprising that the film changes from active to passive, and the final role is completely reversed. Compared with the rookie male protagonist, the female protagonist deserves to be a professional worker who has gone through the world. After two rounds, he can see the strangeness of the man and take decisive measures. I feel that the most interesting thing about this movie is the psychology and details. I won't say much about the unclear places, but only a few words about the mistakes made by the hero in planning, preparing and implementing adjustments.

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