So lovely movie ,gray matters

Shakira 2022-07-10 17:16:34

It's been a long time since I saw such a cute little film. My sister fell in love with my brother's fiancee. Around the seemingly heavy theme of gray matters, I used a light and humorous brush to describe the process of a lesbian from contradictory self-blame to suddenly enlightened self-awareness. . The whole article is covered with mixed American humor, a rare warm light comedy with slightly marginal themes. Different from many movies under the banner of comradeship, this film has no sensual scenes, no ups and downs, no overwhelming publicity, and is a small-cost and exquisite work with humanistic care.

No matter who you love, love itself is crazy, isn't it?

A woman who got married in a flash after 6 days with a man who fell in love at first sight told the woman who had a crush on her that

I knew you were gay when you peeked at the bottom of the girl's skirt when you were 12~

When my brother heard that my sister who had been with her for nearly 30 years took courage It 's okay to say that when he says he is gay

, because he doesn't have to live in a lie in the future, he is happy, everyone should be happy~

When my father decided to divorce my mother and live with my lover when I was a child, my sister was angry with my brother. Say

yes, people don't have to live in lies, bravely face the life after coming out, happily dismiss the psychiatrist full of delusions, surprised to find that the boss is also gay, when Gray walked out of the gaybar for the first time, he was happy I have to scream on the road, life starts again, isn't it~

Gray matters gay matters Oh, the title of the movie

is so lovely movie. If I like a movie, I will even watch it with the subtitles. I found a little surprise when playing the subtitles. For example, the subtitles at the end of this movie made up cute graphics, hehe~

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Gray Matters quotes

  • Carrie: I quit weight watchers. Can you believe it? I quit! Fergie schmergie! I hate fiber. I like mallomars and if Derek isn't going to love me for the tiny amount of cellulite I have on the back of my thighs then fuck him. Screw that guy. This is the package ok? It's exactly the same under the wrapping. This is the packages, no exchanges, no returns. Right? Why does our society push us to be perpetually uncomfortable with who we are. It's so messed up! Wanna know why?

    [reading from a magazine]

    Carrie: " Boost your buttocks and thighs. Luscious Liposuction. Flawless face lifts." That's why. Enough is enough. We need to stop letting society and media and our religious leaders delegate who we are. You're amazing and I'm even more amazing and anybody who doesn't get it can screw themselves...


    Carrie: That felt fantastic.

  • Gordy: I happen to think you're pretty dandy.