lighthearted film

Sonny 2022-07-10 23:54:12

A relaxed and warm film. There is no excessive decoration, but the taxi driver,
some kindness is not close to reality. The relationship between the girl and her brother is really enviable.
Mutual dependence. Growth. Intimacy. Like another self in the world.
With the help of his sister, my brother met a beautiful and special girl.
He fell in love with her and soon got married. At the same time, her sister was shocked to find that
she fell in love with this girl. Life was in chaos...
What touched me: My brother asked GRAY's forgiveness and said: You are not only my sister, but also my best friend.
GRAY curled up in the corner of the elevator,
crying to my brother that she felt lonely. Incoherently told about the unbearable and powerless life in the future Such
fear and helplessness are like a child. Taboo

. Homosexuality, etc. The always dark words, expressed in a positive and bright tone,
make people feel very special.
But many people still choose to live in false lies .

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