not bad

Allene 2022-07-10 21:20:49

Most of the time in the film continues the usual exaggeration of Hollywood comedies, but the psychological portrayal of lesbians' self-awareness is still relatively real. I doubt that the director Susan Kramer may be gay. I just found an interview with her, and she said that she My sister is a lesbian, which gave her a lot of inspiration.
The role of the taxi driver is indeed a bit unreal, but it is still necessary to meet the Hollywood formula.
Of course, Graham's beautiful big eyes also added points to this film, hehe (I admire this little nameless director for finding such a famous actor as Graham)
About actor Alan Cummings (taxi driver), I always feel that he is very familiar, check After reading the list of his works, I think I may have seen him first in "Circle of Friends". I found that he has a wide range of careers. In addition to film and theater performances (he also won a Tony Award), he also writes screenplays, directs some small films, etc., amazing! The film made a joke about his Scottish accent, and he is indeed Scottish :)
btw, do you think the male protagonist sam is very similar to the British Blair, hehe

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  • Sam: She's the sun, she's the stars, she's the moon.

    Gray: You don't even know her. She could be an axe murderer for all you know.

  • Gray: Oh, no, because I asked her to marry me.

    Sam: What?