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Wiley 2022-07-10 21:08:49

I watched this film in just a short time and a half. Compared with other gay films, this film uses a different angle and expression. The general gay movies are bitter love, they all believe that they should not fall in love, and there may be some obstructions, including parents, friends, people around them, and the society's scorn. From this film I saw innovation, but also love and tolerance.

The heroine in the story fell in love with her brother's wife. They kissed the night before the wedding, which made the hero's heart beat. She never thought that she would like women. Not interested in men, she tried to meet men to go out on the street, but found that she could not. Some men who liked her were surprised but supported her. She bravely told her brother that she had kissed her wife, and bravely admitted that she was a puller. Of course, the smart brother knew about his sister's pull when he was very young, so he was not surprised. This reminds me of the story of Azu (Liang Zuyao) coming out of the closet. When he was 19 years old, he dated a man, and since then he embarked on the road of being gay. He once dated a woman, and once told his younger brother that he was with a man, Instead, the younger brother just said that it was no big deal. The same is to love someone. Yes, no matter whether you love a pig or a dog, you love a person. What everyone has to learn from birth is Learn how to LOVE!

Although my sister fell in love with A-sao, it was impossible for them to be together. I read other people's comments that this is a story structure from the 1940s, and I like the scene where they dance together at home. Every comrade has a different experience for the early come out, and everyone has a different attitude towards who they are with. But it is why comrades are not allowed by the secular world to love someone, why should comrades be regarded as abnormal, and what I hope to see one day is that comrades do not need to come out of the closet, because we should not have a wardrobe.

In this film saw the L word's Helena, where she played gay again. The heroines in L word are all beautiful, she is a "dessert" after the heroine's emotional frustration, and her every move is well done.

Finally, I personally recommend this movie. Comrade's sketch movies, of course, should be supported.

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