Adrain 2022-09-10 08:55:40

I'm sick and tired of everyone saying
it's normal, it's typical, it's ordinary.
I don't feel any of those things.

Well, how do you feel?
- Lonely.
- Why?

Because I'm never gonna be able
to walk down the street...
holding hands with my partner...
without the rest of the world
giving us a look.
I may never have the wedding
that I once dreamed of...
and I may never have children...
and one day, when I die...
people will never give
as much respect to my grieving lover...
as if she were my husband.

That's what terrifiies me.
It's so much easier
to be someone else.

I hate dead people saying
it's normal, typical, normal
I don't feel that at all

So what do you feel?
- Lonely
- why?

Because I'll never be able to...
walk down the street hand in hand with my mate...
without attracting the worldly eyes of others
I 'll never be able to walk into the wedding hall I once dreamed of
I may never have children...
someday, when I die ...
people don't give much respect to my grieving lover...
as if she were my husband and

that 's what scares me it's so
much easier to pretend to be someone else

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