Lonely, I am Ms.Loney

Sherman 2022-09-15 03:03:30

-----what you feel now?
-----Lonely.... because I can never... walk down the street hand in hand with my lover...without attracting other people's worldly eyes I'll never get in Once a dream wedding hall I may never have children... One day, when I die... people won't show much respect for my grief-stricken lover, even if she's my husband

's second time watching, these two lines are still deep touched me deeply. Being gay is not a choice, but it makes your life totally different.

''You can't expect the first person you fall in love with to love you''. Just like me now, I just think about it because of fear and care. I haven't even reached puberty yet when it comes to dealing with girls. Thinking about it this way is a lot more relieved.

I still regret that I wasn't brave enough at the time. Fear of other people's opinions, in fact, many of them are just imaginary to restrain themselves. Maybe when one doesn't care, that's the time to be truly free.

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