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Terrill 2022-10-11 11:33:49

There is no story that is so shocking that people want to cry, but it is the most heart-warming waiting as always.

Ask the world, all things change, the world is impermanent, how many people can be the same as before? It's just a single thought, and it's also a bet on happiness. But in the end, you still have to love, and be sure that your love is worth it, and be a wise and understanding woman.

Yes, the heroine does look ordinary, but that makes the movie more real. Behold, as beautiful as Mary, as his father said, only on the surface. This further highlights whether it is the appearance or the mind that is more important. However, as the story develops, I feel that the heroine is more and more beautiful, like the gentleness of the earth and the soul of the sun. As for Maria, once the shell is broken, only ignorance and ugliness will be exposed. Appearance can never match the heart.

Nowadays, there are too many movies or TV series that are eye-catching with gorgeous costumes and luxurious backgrounds. Often after watching these movies and TV series, I don't have that kind of satisfaction, my heart is empty, it's really a waste of time. Now, when I close my eyes, I can think of the sunshine in the mansifield park, and that little touch will make me fall asleep firmly in my heart, very steadfast.

It can only be said that those who obliterate this movie because of the heroine's appearance cannot understand the true meaning of spiritual beauty. You are really not suitable for watching such a movie.

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