Gray's troubles.

Anthony 2022-10-23 11:19:21

A movie I like very much, it is very relaxing and touching, and it seems to have a bit of feminism. The key is that the three heroines are all beautiful. The three most impressive conversations: with a female colleague, with a taxi driver, and with my brother in the elevator.
The heroine spent a long time plucking up the courage to say "i'm a gay", which reminded me of a movie scene played by Chen Chong that I watched many years ago. In a dim room, the pale light of the TV hit my mother. On the faces of the two women, and then accompanied by the phrase "i'm a gay".
I just watched "If Walls Could Talk 2" not long ago, and the last scene of the first story was very impressive. "Someday people won't respect my grieving lover when I die." What a fit.

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