Different erotic murders, the final ending is really shocking

Kaylie 2022-10-25 21:17:55

The audience for cult movies has always been small.

Even if it's a small shadow, I sometimes express that I can't appreciate some pictures.

But the one I want to recommend today is different, at least in Xiaoying's film reading experience, it is really a very special existence——



Back in the day, 1977's "The Storm" was once known as one of the top horror movies.

Even after a remake, it is still the best of the year in the minds of many people.

It is worth mentioning here that director Dario Argento-

As a god-level figure in horror movies, his footage and music are almost never out of date.

Including the "piercing" to be said today, there is too much content in it to pay tribute to this master.

It's just that you may not imagine that this excellent work actually came from a post-90s generation.

The director of the film is Nicholas Pechet, whose last work "My Mother's Eye" was nominated for the Best Cinematography Award at the 32nd American Independent Spirit Awards.

Similar to "Thorn Through" is-

They all seem to be testing the audience's tolerance for perverted psychology and cruel and abusive images.

What's the meaning?

In short, it is actually challenging the cult style.

Let's see if we, the audience, can experience this unique thrill.

Although Nicolas Pechet has only made these two feature films so far, his new work is likely to set a new milestone for him in the near future.

At least Xiaoying is looking forward to it, it is-

The 2020 edition of The New Grudge.

That's right, it's the Americans who shoot Japanese horror.

Just like "Thorn Through", it is also adapted from the works of Japanese novelist Ryu Murakami.

In short, the perverted ingredients contained in the film are really very familiar.

Of course, a movie of this style needs to have an excellent protagonist to match it.

This is also the reason for the success of "Stab Through", especially the heroine Mia Wasikowska, which is simply perfect.

Mia Wasikowska, most of the people who know her through the film "Alice in Wonderland".

But everyone may not know that her temperament is not limited to Alice, on the contrary, there is a unique wildness.

For example, in "Stoke", she had some amazing large-scale performances.

This time it's even better-

In the film, she played a call girl.

The story also begins with a man who is mentally slack.

Frankly speaking, from the first shot, Xiaoying felt that this person was strange.

How could anyone stab their own child with a tough weapon?

But the fact is—

The man has murdered the child.

It turned out that due to the shadows planted in childhood, men have developed a cowardly character since childhood.

But he is cowardly, which does not mean that he has no desire in his heart.

By chance, he came to a hotel alone.

He was the only one in the room, but for some reason, the man was nervous and had nowhere to put his limbs.

He even started "directing and acting by himself", as if welcoming a meeting.

That's right, for this meeting, the man had been preparing in the room for a long time.

Because as he said-

Never had SM experience, so nervous?

No, the reason he was nervous was that he had never killed anyone.

Yes, he recruited prostitutes not for physical pleasure, but to fulfill the desire of his life.

Men have really done a lot of homework before this day comes.

Finally, he waited for the "girl to die".

In the beginning, everything went very smoothly.

It’s just that the scene that followed was a little unimaginable—

Somehow, the woman self-harmed in the bathroom, and the moment the man entered the door, it was already a scene of blood dripping.

At this moment, the man panicked. Not only did he not kill the woman in the chaos, he even bandaged her and sent her to the hospital.

Because of this, women seem to have more favorable impressions of him.

So, after going to the hospital, the woman took the man home.

Lonely men and widows live in the same room, and things that shouldn't have happened can naturally go further at this time.

However, at a critical moment, the two suddenly braked...

Then, the most exciting moment of the whole film appeared——

Just when the man was about to continue the murder plan, the woman started her counter-kill.

As you can see, the power relationship between the sexes has been reversed several times in the closed SM show, and then finally settled in the hands of women.

So in addition to the horror, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a feminist film.

Of course, the excellence of "Thorn Through" does not lie in its obscure connotations, but in the continuous excitement after watching the entire film.

The director deliberately simplified the characters, stories and spaces, and spent more energy on creating unique tastes.

Facts have proved that after incorporating the retro elements of old movies, the film really has a unique look and feel.

In the second half of the film, the male and female protagonists will have an exchange of identities. As for the ending after the exchange, Xiaoying will not make spoilers.

But at the end it must be emphasized that...

Whether you are aiming for erotic murders, or perverted players meet opponents, in short, this film will definitely satisfy you.

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