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In my bgm, only I can kill myself

Watching a thriller at home yesterday, the movie played an ice pick terrier.

Speaking of the ice pick terrier, the first thing that comes to mind is probably "Instinct", and the second one should be "Fuck School Dragon 3: Dragon Celebrating the Year of the Rooster" by Xing Ye.

In the first scene of "The Year of the Rooster", millionaire Wang Wanwan was stabbed to death with an ice pick.

This ice pick terrier also runs through the entire movie from beginning to end.

The ice pick can poke ice and people, and it is easy to carry. It is really a necessary tool for home travel and killing people.

Alright, let's get straight to the point.


"Piercing" is based on the novel "The Hole in the Nipples" by the famous Japanese novelist Ryu Murakami.

The story is about a sadistic man who plans to hire a prostitute in a hotel and kill her, but the plan can't keep up with the changes. A series of accidents make him and the prostitute have a swap.

Our domestic movies often have to rack their brains to choose a name, and Hollywood movies are often simple and rude.

The original English name of "Piercing" is "Piercing", "pierce" means piercing, penetrating, +ing, which is the form of the present participle, which means piercing, who pierced who, let's talk about it.

The crew of "Thorn Through", the director is on the far right

The director Nicholas Pechet is a post-90s generation. To be more precise, he was born in 1990 and is only 29 years old now. This age is very young for the director. He is one year younger than Bi Gan.

His debut film "Mother's Eyes" is amazing. In recent years, Hollywood has produced many high-quality horror films, and "Mother's Eyes" occupies a place.

"Thorn Through" is his second work. He used an anti-routine technique to create a very retro SM movie, and he always led the audience's psychological expectations, reversing and then reversing.

The male protagonist Christopher Abbott is not well-known, but he is also a familiar face in various independent films in the United States. He is also featured in "The First Man on the Moon".

The heroine, Mia Wasikowska, has always been tepid. She is the kind of actor you can remember her name, but you can't remember what her masterpiece is.

When she first debuted, her style was small and fresh. In fact, I personally think that her temperament is more suitable for thrillers than small and fresh.

"Stoke" and "Crimson Peak" are quite suitable for her.

The shaking M prostitute in "Thorn Through", she does not violate harmony when she acts.

If I had to describe this movie in one sentence, it would go against psychological expectations.

At the beginning of the film, the male protagonist gestures at his child with an ice pick.

Gestures and gestures, but did not start.

When he was holding the child, the child in his arms suddenly spoke to him in the voice of an unfamiliar adult man.

"You know what you have to do".

Is this his inner demon, or is his child possessed by an evil spirit, let's see.

Then, there is a monologue of his, the content is about his killing code.

The victims had to be prostitutes and had to speak English because they had to express their fears in English.

The above are the major prerequisites that must be observed.

He devised a murder plan.

first step. To prevent the victim from escaping, tie the victim up and gag her mouth.

The second step. To change clothes, because blood will splatter on the spot.

Step 3. This kind of thing can't be done at home, you have to find a hotel.

Step 4. Need a set of tools for binding-killing-dismemberment.

Step 5. Test the effect of chloroform in person and record the effect in a notebook. Visually, this may be a science student, and the scientific and rigorous attitude is admirable.

Step 6. The lines need to be rehearsed, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the other party.

The seventh step. The whole process of killing people also needs to be simulated in advance. The sound effects of this section are also really scary. For example, the sound effects of poke and saw are well done.

Step 8. Clean up the site and note the total time from start to finish.

And calculate the expected time he needs to start, and he needs to complete his predetermined plan within this time.

After the rehearsal is successful, the official phone call is made. It doesn't matter who the prostitute is, as long as they can speak English.

This is how our heroine appeared.

Have you ever thought of "The Chaser" starring Ha Jung-woo, in which he played a perverted serial killer, and the prostitute he recruited was finally beheaded by him.

Did you already have expectations?

When I saw this, I was thinking, is there a possibility of a counter-kill.

At the beginning, everything was carried out according to the original plan of the male lead, and his behavior of wiping fingerprints did not arouse the suspicion of the female lead.

In the eyes of the female protagonist, the male protagonist is just a novice guest with cleanliness. After all, in their alphabet circle, all kinds of quirks exist.

So far, everything is still under the control of the male lead, he looks like a client who likes SM, she is just a prostitute with heavy service.

But something went wrong, in a way no one expected.

Maybe the male protagonist said something wrong, and the female protagonist used the excuse to go to the bathroom.

The exchange of roles between him and her started from this moment.

Because the hostess didn't come out in the bathroom for a long time, he opened the door of the bathroom.

Found a very shocking scene, the heroine took scissors and stabbed her thigh frantically. (Because the picture is really uncomfortable, I will not do the animation.)

The male protagonist's inner drama at this time should be, God, how can this woman be more cruel than me, I have never seen this way.

He went from planning to kill to saving people.

Not only did he make a simple bandage for her, but he also helped her all the way to the end and sent the heroine to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, the female protagonist told the male protagonist, I know your purpose.

At this time, the male protagonist is lying. Did he see that he was going to call the police, or did he want to cooperate with him? He couldn't make up his mind, so he called his wife.

And his wife actually knew that he was going to kill, not only did not stop it, but also analyzed the possibility for him.

His wife also summed up three possibilities.

1. The victim knows what happened, but she wants to die, she won't tell the doctor anything, then take her back and kill her.

2. The victim knew what happened, she was just stalling, she was talking to the doctor about what happened.

3. The victim does not know anything, and the male protagonist can continue the murder plan.

In fact, the heroine is the third situation. She doesn't know anything, thinking that she has met a fan of the alphabet.

The male protagonist has found his preparatory target, and the female protagonist has found his preparatory partner.

Can the male protagonist finally complete the plan? The progress bar with a quarter left says it all.

Could it be that the heroine is the one in charge of fishing in the organ black market? Or did the male lead go to great lengths to kill the female lead?

Maybe the heroine had a hunch, so when she was eating, she added some ingredients to the food of the two.

This time the counter-kill should be taken seriously, then whether he was counter-killed, and what caused him to kill, I won't spoil it here.

Speaking of the movie, although its rating is not high, its reverse use of the thriller routine is worthy of recognition.

This film disassembles and reconstructs the routines in previous thrillers to form an anti-type. If you want to find a counterpoint after watching it, I think it should be Quentin's "King Kong Is Not Bad".

He was also a perverted killer, but was killed by the target in his eyes.

But "Thorn Through" didn't explore enough about the formation of the killer's own perverted psychology, or he didn't focus on the killer's psychological level at all.

He just made a thriller joke in a dark humorous way.

This must be watched alongside Lars von Trier's "I Made This House".

See what's the difference between an amateur pervert and a professional pervert.

Think of the three films that premiered at Sundance last year, "Pricked Through", "Lizzy" and "Colette" last year at the Sundance Film Festival.

It must be quite interesting when Mia Wasikowska, Keira Knightley, Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart are in a movie together.

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