Justen 2022-11-23 16:27:12

The first half is really boring, I almost fell asleep watching it -_-|||
I'm not picky, the heroine is too ungay, and she doesn't act like it. After the film, I didn’t even think she was gay. It seems that not any straight girl can play gay. Besides acting skills, it’s really important to have a YY appearance. I can only say: Heather classmate, you really are Very hard, just. . You are really not gay at all, the twisted melon is really not sweet. .
Secondly, the second half of the movie really makes a big change for the dullness in front. Not only the central idea is just right, but the optimistic ending makes people feel that watching a comedy can really make people feel happy. I really like the dialogue between GRAY and SAM in the elevator, it's real and touching.

Sam: What are you doing?
Gray: I want to die right now. I never want to see another human being as long as I live.
Sam: You're just coming out.
Gray: I am never coming out of this elevator.
Sam: This is probably the biggest revelation of your entire life. It's normal to be going nuts. It's normal.
Gray: I don't feel normal. I'm sick and tired of everyone saying it's normal, it's typical, it's ordinary. I don't feel any of those things.
Gray: Lonely.
Sam: Why?
Gray: Because I'm never going to be able to walk down the street, holding hands with my partner without the rest of the world giving us a look. And me never have the wedding that I once dreamed of and I may never have children. And one day when I die people will never give as much respect to my grieving lover as if she were my husband.
Sam: Gray, it's not as if you made a choice.
Gray: That's what terrifies me. It's so much easier to be someone else.
Sam: Do you remember when we were kids, you would have been about six, and Dad came home to tell Mom
he was leaving her for Mrs. Rosemont.
Gray: Yeah.
Sam: Remember we stayed in the closet all night, just cuddled up like two little mice and listened to their whole fight. I was...so angry, I was... hurt..I was just...I was mad , and I wanted to go out there
and kick his ass...
and you remember what you said to me?
Gray: Humm..
Sam: You were just six...
but you said it was gonna be okay...that Dad was not gonna live a lie...that he was gonna try
and be happy...and that everyone deserved to be happy.

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