If you think I'm crazy, then I'll show you that

Arden 2022-09-21 22:34:08

- 8.5/10 - #LoveNo Limit#LoveandAnarchy - When you already have everything but still feel empty, maybe the only thing you need is to find yourself ??‍♀️ - This is a drama to find yourself ??‍ ♀️ After being worn away by reality and time, if someone is willing to go crazy with you and be yourself, wouldn't this irritable and dull life be easier? - Use each character to express in different ways, but the original intention is the same I hope I can get back my original self. The cute thing is that the male and female protagonists are so similar!! If you think I'm crazy, then I'll show you that. If you think I'm ashamed, I'll be ashamed and I'll go home ?? - The emotional scenes of this drama were filmed so well? The same routine as "Two Little No Guess" is a bit unethical...but the atmosphere is simply...wow...I feel itchy after watching it? I think the male lead's skills are very good! Especially in the That pampering look in the pantry... I love it? - in general... This is a drama that will make you watch with a smile. Maybe it's a nympho laugh? Maybe it's a knowing smile. It's a mid-life crisis, and you lose yourself. We may need to face this play more or less in a relaxed way so that you won't think it is reasonable, Nordic, cute, mindless but not empty ?? - 0.5 points for the male protagonist Full frontal nudity ? I watched his ins before the broadcast and only had more than 800 followers. I was wondering if it was a fake account. However, after the broadcast, the number of followers increased every day. Now it should be more than 15. K and there is a blue tick!! Today The ambassador is still worthy of my name ??

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