Love & Anarchy

Skyla 2022-09-21 19:33:06

I finished watching the play within six days of leaving Sweden and returning to China. The location of the film is in Beijing. The name of the publishing house includes the current university 2333. The architectural style, interior decoration and lighting in the play are very realistic. Colorful houses ?, all kinds of lighting on the windowsill of each house, candles must be lit when eating... The only thing that surprised me was that the heroine worked overtime until ten o'clock and called her husband (or nanny) to say ten o'clock. I couldn’t go back before. The longest working day I know of working in the cinema here is 11:00 noon and 11:00 pm, usually from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

The heroine Sofie's husband is a control freak who always judges ppl. He dislikes the heroine's father and belittles the novels and work written by the heroine and even preaches that the heroine should not educate her daughter according to her ideas. Disliked by her peers, she may have a certain income in the later stage and began to try to convince the heroine to move her family to London for two years and let the heroine become a full-time housewife (the heroine wakes up and runs away in the last episode). It can be said that 80% of her troubles come from her husband (like Great my mom but no male protagonist can come out to rescue her :/). In the play, there are many scenes of the heroine masturbating in the toilet, which shows that her life is depressing.

The male protagonist grew up with his parents divorced and his mother lived in a small northern town. His mother and new boyfriend gave birth to two younger brothers. He grew up under the education that his mother hated all kinds of blows. He came to a publishing house in the capital to do a technical support internship and worked hard under the instigation of the female protagonist (games). Get a full-time job, share the kitchen and toilet with a few friends in an apartment, like to grow plants ?, sexual orientation is a female, and there are two casual sex before the film and the heroine, both of which are in the same year.

In reality, it is almost impossible to have a male protagonist who is so handsome and loves the female protagonist wholeheartedly. This image setting is more likely to exist in our own hearts to push ourselves to break free and pursue the life we ​​want. , friends, family and strangers books may become this force.

And the power of the heroine in the play is not only from the hero, but also from the father. It is also the last episode of the relationship with her father because her father could not leave the ward when she was a child and refused to let her buy chocolate (?), so she determined that she would never live like her father. The same, became the nightmare of her later life, but her father affirmed that she "has grown from a seed into a forest" and facilitated reconciliation with him.

In the play, whether it's the female lead diving in the swimming pool in Gothenburg with her naked lower body, or the male lead going home for her mother's boyfriend's 50-year-old party, she bids farewell to the family naked and admits that she is "the little white face of a married woman" and returns to Beijing alone. Say to the audience 'No one has the right to tell you how you should live as long as you're not a serial killer.'

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