Aiming at the male protagonist's appearance, the result was out of control! !

Bobby 2022-09-21 20:19:34

Aiming at the male protagonist's appearance, the plot is so cute hahahahahahaha I like it. How can the hero and heroine be so funny, hahahahaha, I can't stop watching! ! ! ! ! ! Help hahahahaha. After watching it within two days, it was really impulsive, the plot arrangement was so compact, and the flirtation of the male and female protagonists was just too good! ! It's just that my colleagues in the company suffered a bit... and the biggest surprise is that this film is not just a romantic comedy. In fact, the reason why the male and female protagonists are attracted to each other is that their original families are a bit toxic, and the female protagonist is a bit repressed between father, husband and children. The male protagonist also has a poisonous mother. I am glad that they all bravely became themselves in the end. I wonder if there will be a second season! ! Some of my favorite clips are that the male protagonist gave the female protagonist a staff questionnaire, the male protagonist’s friend threatened the boss for the male protagonist to be found out, and the male protagonist couldn’t help kissing the female protagonist after he turned positive, but the female protagonist actually ran to brush her teeth to facilitate the next kiss hahahaha I laughed and pissed in the middle of the night! ! ! ! Although it is a brother-in-law relationship, my sister really has the wildness and charm of a mature woman, and she is a bit cute with little rabbit teeth! ! Needless to say, the male protagonist has the eyes of the fresh meat in 1997. It is thanks to the female protagonist's high concentration that she endured five or six episodes. ! Kiss now! ! PS The bed scene is also very beautiful and the scale is enough (dog head)

I have been watching it infinitely these past few days. If I wasn't too busy, I really would have to make a mess! ! Hope there is a second season! ! ! ! !

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