My Girlfriend Is Married, I Am Her Little White Face - After Viewing "Love Without Limits"

Adolfo 2022-11-24 02:52:33

Today I shared the theme song of "Freezing Stars" in the circle of friends. Songs from a long time ago made me feel emotional about all the love dramas I watched since I was a child. In recent years, the male and female protagonists of love dramas have become more and more perfect, and the handsome men and women are still infatuated and single-minded. People have begun to define the male protagonists in some Qiong Yao dramas as "scumbags". On the contrary, I am more and more attracted to this. The less I watch domestic TV dramas praising love, I want to watch a story that allows me to think more about it, even if the characters’ behavior is unethical.

So I watched Love Without Limits, a Swedish romantic comedy. Sweden is a country that pursues pioneering and avant-garde in many fields. In addition, Nordic dramas are good at delicate psychological portrayals. I have tried to prepare myself mentally before opening this drama - the stories will be a bit unconventional.

More than just an anti-tradition? ? It's an outrageous large-scale scene of "I don't understand, but I'm shocked" ? Why did the heroine in the first episode continue to do "a person's happy exercise" to some 18-ban video? Why does the male protagonist do "bed exercise" as soon as he sees an older woman? If the first two can be explained as: portraying the sexual repression of a middle-aged woman, and the male protagonist's mother's nitpicking in the process of growing up has brought him harm. What is the explanation for the male protagonist who secretly poured cannabis powder on his colleagues at an important exhibition that is related to the life and death of the whole company, causing the colleagues to talk nonsense at the meeting and finally being threatened by the acquirer to withdraw the capital?

Similar clips also include the female protagonist naked in a swimming pool with other people (the camera is really naked) and the male protagonist in order to resist his mother and stepfather's mean attitude towards him naked before his parents' relatives and friends (yes, here I am) I also saw a naked ass ?), and finally the heroine suddenly changed her face after the taunts and blows between her husband and friends, and yelled at a few people like a furious beast, (I believed she was crazy at that moment), and then didn't. Change clothes, walk back to the office in bathrobe and slippers, and speak Ppt on stage...

Radical, that's all I can think of for a plot like this, and the storyteller used such an outrageous plot to convey resistance. It's just a bit of an exaggeration for me.

That. . . What are the protagonists fighting against? Maybe my answer is wrong, my generalization is: what people think you should be. The heroine's husband believes that at their age they should pursue realistic career success, a happy family, and even middle-aged women should become housewives to support their husband's career. The girl who bloomed after the seed and even grew into a towering tree became a crazy fantasy in her husband's mouth. There are some excessive little games between the heroine and the hero, which are also considered crazy by the husband. The male protagonist is similar, and his heart disease comes from his mother. But the male protagonist's labor in the story is more of a kind of what the female protagonist really loves and pursues, a symbol of the female protagonist's true heart. In the end, the female protagonist chose to leave her husband and return to the male protagonist, which means that the female protagonist has changed from living the way others should be to the way she loves.

So this story tells not only the story of a domineering female boss cheating in marriage, but more like a story of a woman in mid-life crisis rediscovering herself. One: The heroine begins to explore her true heart, but is denied by the outside world. After being attacked, she plans to give up her true heart and live as the outside world hopes. Finally, she finds that she still has to pursue her true heart, protect her beloved father, and do a job she likes. There is a line.

The screenwriter seems to say: Don't be afraid of the suppression and denial of others, stick to your love, don't give up the person you love, and protect your spiritual world, because it's worth it.

Then the main storyline is so rebellious: derailed and happy ending

I have always insisted on a similar point of view: if anything is right or not, you should think about it yourself, instead of choosing not to do it because it will be rejected by people. In fact, my attitude towards cheating is against it. Don't cheat because you don't want to hurt others. cheating is to play with the feelings of the cheated party. Don't get involved in the marriage is not to destroy other people's families, and possibly children.

Therefore, when I saw the middle of this drama, I also felt that this drama was sing the praises of extramarital affairs, and the protagonist did not go to work every day to fall in love every day.

But when I saw the end, I was thinking, to say that the male protagonist destroys the family. . . Not all, because the heroine's husband has made the family dull and depressing. If a new family is formed, it may not be worse than the past, and will the heroine's derailment hurt the husband's feelings? This is also a question mark. The behavior of the husband makes people feel that he only cares about himself and has no relationship with the heroine.

So, is the cheating in this show justified? I'd love to hear what other people think?

This drama gave me something about love that I don't understand is that the male protagonist has relationships with different old women everywhere, just as normal as eating. The widow king is a little confused. Falling in love with the female protagonist is the kind of physiology in front of me. What is the difference between the behavior at the demand level for the male protagonist? Will the needs of the male lead make him unable to change his previous habits after being with the female lead? For most people in life, what do you want to gain from a relationship?

Finally, I praised the male protagonist's face. At the beginning of the drama, I felt that he looked like the fourth sister (the kind of eyes full of three-dimensional feeling and the size of copper bells completely stepped on my aesthetic point ?)

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