I don't know if it's a spoiler or not, but I'm just expressing my opinion

Damaris 2022-07-21 14:35:00

I think it's okay. It's probably a theme of returning to the original heart. I can't say it clearly. Although some places are a bit embarrassing when I see it, I basically read it in one breath. He was locked at home by his father, but he never gave up his dream, so the male protagonist was obsessed with his dream, but the others, whether it was the female protagonist or the karate master, forgot their original appearance because of the tempering of life. This kind of feeling is like a child teaching adults the simplest truth. I really like this theme. What I don't understand is that the final battle (I think so) is really a bit of a play or the villain doesn't want that in my impression. Such a vicious and vicious villain, he is actually a current referee. I thought he would play tricks like other films (1 on 20 is considered a trick) ps: The villain is really funny, but the protagonist group has nothing here I can get the laughs, especially the song (you are all three-legged cat kung fu) when it came out, it was very fitting and combined with the advertisement of the security company that they promoted before... It's very ironic.

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