Watching me as a dog at the Delhi cinema

Demarco 2022-07-21 10:07:37

After playing Golf with Indian clients at Nodia in Delhi, I wanted to experience Indian movies, so I went to the cinema to watch the movie. The client's whole family attended, wife, daughter, and sister from Chicago. The popcorn was salty, and the air conditioner was so cold in the middle of the night that I was too embarrassed to sleep. In Hindi, the client translated the whole story to me, and I didn't catch the laugh. After reading it, I said - maybe it's a language problem, I didn't realize the fun of the movie, I'll watch it again when I go back to China. The client said - don't watch it, this is not the level of Indian movies, you are laughing, there should be no chance for this kind of movie to be released abroad. As a result, I watched Conan today, and iQIYI pushed the promotion of the movie. I told the client that I want to watch it again, and the feedback is as follows...but with such a big promotion, I still have to watch it again

Confused + sleepy all the way
My client broke my heart to save me

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