Good subject, bad shot

Letha 2022-09-24 10:36:38

This movie can be seen as a "pseudo-superhero" movie in India, or a "civilian superhero". It is different from the superheroes in the Women's Federation who are rich, super-high IQ mutants and good at fighting. His reason is extremely simple: he doesn't feel pain. .

Rather than calling it a superpower, people are more inclined to call it a disease.

On the contrary, if a serious superhero movie is released in Asan's country, the audience may feel unaccustomed to it, but this kind of silly and fantasy civilian hero is more grounded.

This is a comedy, it's not about how many jokes it has, but it's clearly positioned as a comedy. But it was also the director who wanted to tell the story in a comedy format that was so absurd that it ended up being boring.

Like Su Boli, she helps strangers and points out other people's lives many times. Whenever the same thing happens to me: being pulled away by my drunk father, being pulled away by my fiancé, indecision before running away, every time I give in and settle for mediocrity.

If she hadn't met Surya again, she probably wouldn't have run away; the master of Taekwondo was resigned to her fate, and she didn't know where to go. The dialogue between Su Boli and her future mother-in-law also reflects the living conditions of Indian women.

"I don't know why, and I don't believe in the three obediences and four virtues, but my subconscious is like this, I don't want it, but I can't change myself.

Except for the previous section on the rooftop, Su Poli was dancing downstairs, and then hurriedly went to buy contraceptives. Either one was fine, but the combination was abrupt and illogical.

Our protagonist Surya has had "superpowers" since childhood, breaking the spell that "people with this disease don't live to be 4 years old". His mother died in a robbery, and he dreams of becoming a master of karate and fighting evil.

He is like an ordinary person, or, if he can feel pain, he is an ordinary person.

When he was a child, he thought all day long, thinking that he could become a master by watching all the action movie tapes; when he grew up, he still liked fantasy, even to the point of being unstoppable. He provided us with a fake plot, and after seeing Su Boli, he fantasized about her winking at him next to him all day long.

But it is such an out-of-the-box person that we can see our own shadow in him. Who dares to say that he never imagined becoming a superman who saves beauty from a hero when he was a child?

"Why did you save that girl that day?"
"That's different."
"What's the difference? You coward."
"We're not elementary school students anymore, don't play like you're a coward. This is life, as it should be."

In Su Polly's words, he is still a child, who can think like a child, let a child see the world like a child, and think like a child that he can punish evil and promote good. So Polly said to him "this is life".

"I don't know what to do either, it's a long way off. Mom, you know, my friends are all smart, and everyone knows what they want, but I don't. I've thought about it too, There's nothing to do, it's blank. Some people want to be doctors, some people want to write programs, maybe I'm an idiot, I don't know."
"You're only 21, life hasn't started yet,"
"There are people who are already billionaires at 21. That's luck, pure luck, right?"

Perhaps this is the edge that has been smoothed by reality, and in the process of polishing we have lost the most important thing: the pretentiousness of childhood, the unwillingness of mediocrity in childhood.

jimmy and mani

Mani rescued Jimmy from the loss of a leg. The former became a master again, loved by his father and envied by Jimmy. The relic left to Mani by his father was robbed by Jimmy, and Mani actually discussed with his colleagues to make a fake one for himself. Before his father's death, he lost his grudge and became a cowardly person.

And Jimmy "a typical pervert villain" You know what a pervert villain is? Killing a few people and wearing a red mirror is a perverted villain? I know I want to create a comedic effect, but is it clear where to place jokes and where not to place them? The last part of the fight was also shot with blood, but it was funny, but it was a failure.

All in all, I'm not too demanding about Su Liye and Su Boli, and it's not bad. But in the way of shooting, the director is still short of the fire.

"People can't do whatever they want in life, they must follow the rules. Without rules, no circle can be formed."

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