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Brody 2022-07-18 14:38:48

Three and a half. The movie "Zipper" depicts the sex scandal of politicians. The Master said: The nature of food and color is also. Money, power and sex are things that every man dreams of rushing for. After that door of desire was opened, it could no longer be closed. The male protagonist Patrick Wilson has acted in many movies, "The Conjuring 12", "Hidden 12", "Fruit Hard Candy"... Either hit the evil or hit the ghost, and when you meet a little loli, you have to pretend to be a wolf grandmother. The film is not much better either. The accidental prostitution caused a series of troubles and faced the collapse of the entire career and life. The male protagonist has a successful career and is personable. The new intern favored him and offered to embrace him, but he refused. In many places, it can be seen that many attitudes of men and women are very different. The hostess questioned him, why don't you seek extramarital affairs and go whoring? At least then you're still a person. But you used money to buy spring, and I don't even have the object to lose my temper. Do you want me to scold prostitutes? This is a typical female vision, thinking that sex without emotion is absurd, and buying sex is dirty and even more unforgivable. As a married man, the attitude towards sex, more safety first. This security lies in protecting one's own status, reputation and rights. Money is valuable, and love involves more vitals, ranging from bruising to the bones, or to ruin in the worst. Many corrupt officials in China have been caught in the hands of their mistresses because of backyard fires. The hostess finally asked, what do they have that I don't have compared to me? The male protagonist just said lightly, no. No ghost. The heroine's career is obviously stronger than that of the man, and she is strong and even aggressive at work, which will inevitably be brought into the family. It is rare for a husband and wife to be gentle and to control even their body positions. This is not acceptable. It is no wonder that the male protagonist would rather masturbate on the computer than touch her. Frozen three feet is not a day's cold, and the couples who look harmonious and warm have long been in the same bed and have different dreams. The female protagonist once cheated in college and has always been the shadow of the male protagonist. He has worked and lived under the pressure and shadow of the female protagonist for a long time. His eloquence is inferior to that of the female protagonist, and his salary is not even as high as that of the female protagonist. I see this paragraph often substituting Clinton, and I don't know if it's alluding to him and Hillary. There is a very obscure detail in the film. The heroine asks her journalist father not to publicize her husband's sex scandal. What is the price? When her husband asked her, she did not answer directly. In some key places, the subtitles are also messed up. Similar to girl friend translated into daughter, I beg your pardon translated into I beg your forgiveness. Look at me confused. Mistress said: "Fuck you", her father joked casually, "You can fuck anyone after you are sixteen." She replies, "Okay, fair trade." Then the camera sees her going home, taking her medicine, and taking a shower. Not a word. This is to explain that she and her father had a sex deal and let her father keep his mouth shut. There are a lot of fragrant scenes in the film, which can be regarded as a highlight.

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