Times make heroes

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Soldiers take obedience to orders as their duty, but Major Watersey is not only such a soldier, he thinks more and more deeply, "How should we fight this battle? How can we protect the lives of our soldiers?" When encountering such a commander, the soldiers Blessed. Of course, people will die in war, and this immortal can't guarantee it, especially if this kind of lonely army goes deep into death, it will only survive nine deaths.

But meeting the commander who insisted on being with the soldiers like this gave the soldiers the instinct to resist desperately and persevered. If it is in the early or middle stage of the war, such persistence can only lead to the annihilation of the whole army. But this was the last battle of World War I, so when General Alexander and his colleagues at all levels believed that there was no survival, Major Watersey played a brilliant game and lived with his soldiers to wait for reinforcements.

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The Lost Battalion quotes

  • Maj. Prinz: You Americans, you always have so much of everything. No matter. Eventually you have to surrender.

    Lt. Leak: I don't think so.

    Maj. Prinz: Are you officers so callous? You're surrounded. You have no chance of relief. Every night you send out patrols, and every night we kill them. We can hear the cries of your wounded Lieutenant. There is no dishonor in surrender.

    Lt. Leak: Maybe for you, but my guys are different.

    Maj. Prinz: What do you mean?

    Lt. Leak: What you're up against Major, is a bunch of Mick, Pollack, Dago, and Jew boy gangsters from New York City. They'll never surrender. Never.

  • [Cooking soup]

    Cepheglia: It's done.

    Rosen: It's not done. Anyhow, why should I share this with you?

    Cepheglia: Because I killed the guy you took it off.

    Rosen: Minor detail.