woman is a city

Thomas 2022-07-05 20:29:32

Ladies City, well, I admit that I didn't understand the movie. I didn't know Fellini before watching it, and I still don't know after watching it, crazy dream maker, at least that's what the outside world said. I don't know Mastroianni either, and I have no idea other than to think he's a distressed and simple old man with raw desires.

I have to admit that I was a little interested in the movie pictures of those plump buttocks and beautiful legs in "Watching the Movie". The other reason it's interesting is that a movie like Paradise Cinema has a shot that pays homage to what I initially thought was a pornographic city of women, all in all, just how open it was to the sixties of curiosity.

I don't understand why I have to explain so much at the beginning, it's really not porn, at least compared to the uncut version of Lust, Caution, if it's not the lines of the most lustful things, the city of women is at best. Child grade. The story of 10,000 women and one man, such a gimmick, made me think it was a good opportunity to study the psychology of men, but I discovered the madness and madness of the group of women I know better. . . crazy.

Mr. S followed the graceful girl off the train. What awaited him was indeed endless humiliation and accusations. Leaving aside the real ending, I think Mr. S finally found his final destination in his childhood sexual fantasies. Sure enough, women in reality are always unable to meet the requirements of men, or what they want to give is not always what they want. There's too much cosplay in the city of women, or extreme feminists shouting "men are punchers", or housewives who are going to explode in the kitchen, or faceless self-entertainment A self-joking skater, or a sow-like boiler woman who needs a man. . . . All the characters are incomprehensible to Mr. S. However, these people can coexist peacefully in the doctor's house. A man like a doctor appears and PARTY is held to celebrate his ten thousandth woman. Is this a man's dream? I have no idea. learned. From a woman's point of view, the doctor may be the common fantasy of these ten thousand women, and he can't see the charm, but he is indeed a commander. . .

There are ten thousand women in this city of women, they are divided and coexist, they give men love, disgust, abuse, hatred, contempt, worship. It's ridiculous, the city of women can gather 10,000 women in one, so all the contradictory, noble and dirty emotions can be pinned on one man. . .

This is probably the woman in Fellini's eyes, but the dream master's idea really dare not speculate. Waking up, the women are still there, they surround the man, or the man thinks he is surrounded. Since reality can't satisfy your desires, it's better to close your eyes and dream, even if the dream is crazy. It would be better to be like Mastroianni, "I don't know who is a guest in my dream", and it is more lovely to be a man who has turned from fear to joy.

But I realized one thing, I don't know if it's what the master meant: For women, sex without love is the source of madness. For men, it is about relaxation medicine. . .

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