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2022-10-23 21:02:04

After the TB biopic that failed at the box office and vomited blood, it was followed by this original work that was repeatedly paid tribute in Ed Wood. Because this one is a restored version (Ed's films seem to have all been restored, right, I don't know which money burns to do this kind of thing), the previous one, which is also black and white but with a lot of noise, looks more similar. old movies.

In the hall, the audience was sparse, mostly young, with constant laughter, and a round of applause at the end—much warmer than the crowd-filled previous show, and in fact more enthusiastic than any TB show that had been shown before. I am looking forward to the grand occasion of plan 9.

The big octopus is a steal. TB is worthy of being Ed's senior brain powder. Basically, the "essence" of this film has been captured. But maybe it's to leave a little surprise for the audience who come here because of the fame, or maybe it's too exciting for "internal" non-fans to understand, so many essences can only be felt by watching the original film.

Bela hypnotized and slapped his eyes with Dracula's exact same storyboard. The male protagonist Graig (actually quite handsome, with a good figure, and he didn't appear to be dull) met a crocodile on the way to save his girlfriend (the footage cut from an old movie really works !).

Of course, the biggest explosion point is the scene where the atomic superman (?) was struck by lightning (?) and the atomic bomb exploded (?) Ed's "Masterpiece") - the story unfolded by the gods, the rhythm jumps at will, the inexplicable dialogue, the shots that do not change the angle to save money (so the character dialogue only has side pulls and close-ups, no back pulls), smashing mallet The constant death-running tricks are still props such as the big octopus.

But there are occasionally humorous dialogues mixed in this mess, like flower arrangements (such as the bird resting on the shoulder of the detective in this film, I don’t know where this idea came from), and some kind of seemingly non-existent The social awareness of - G&G is a man disguised as a woman, this one is atomic energy, plan 9 is an alien invasion, Ed keeps up with the times, and there is no lack of his own cognition and sincere attitude.

The most touching thing is his unconventional nature and never-say-die brave spirit - the thunderbolt splitting the atomic man caused the mushroom cloud to rise, the plan of the alien invasion of the earth is to wake up the dead, who is the other than him? Can think of such a pitiful god bridge! This thinking is beyond the scope of normal human beings.

He's like the main character in a TB movie. An outsider who can't be seen, perhaps handsome and kind are concealed by strange appearance or behavior, and relying on the little light in his heart, under the ridicule and puzzled eyes of the people around him, he walks his own way alone and persistently-
" This is the worst movie I've ever seen"
- "The next one will be better, I promise"
What audiences are trying to shoot into the air from their hands is identification with this character or at least sympathy - they just Like kind-hearted, clumsy and clumsy children, if possible, I hope to give them a little warmth and help them break some of the rules of this world.

However, the audience who saw this kind of movie back then would definitely not be like this. In fact, the bad film directors of that era may be fifty years from now... Well, probably not. In fact, if some films are used as benchmarks, this film will not be called bad at best even if it is "strange".

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