Sam is addicted.

Amir 2022-07-18 20:40:03

I like Patrick Wilson very much and have watched most of his films. But I felt very uncomfortable after watching this film. At the end, the old man didn't expose Sam's matter, gave him a chance, and warned him to maintain a positive image as a hero of the people. He agreed. I also think he has reformed. But, the camera turned. Sam entered the hotel again, and this time he didn't panic. He still kissed the wedding ring, but didn't take it off and put it in his pocket. Maybe it was the last time he got away with making him fearless and more reckless. I was a little angry, and even thought that it should have been exposed at the beginning, and let him learn a lesson.

It may be that Patrick's image has always been very positive in the impression, even though he played the pedophile uncle of Hard Candy before. I didn't think he was bad either. But this movie will make me feel uncomfortable for a long time, I have to find a movie where he plays a good guy.

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