Politics is dark and there is no right or wrong.

Bridgette 2022-07-18 19:04:50

Politics is the filthiest in society, followed by the entertainment industry, both of which are uglier than murderers, rapists, etc.
The male protagonist is a talented prosecutor who is preparing to run for justice minister, and has lovely wives, daughters and sons , The family is harmonious, and the father-in-law has a good background. The male protagonist has a bright career. But life is boring. The male protagonist began to recruit prostitutes and fell in love with this exciting and stressful life. I took a break and made a deal in exchange for the reporter's concealment. The male protagonist succeeded in the election, and he continued to recruit prostitutes.
I don't know how many dark sides people have. , so no matter for anyone, fanaticism, personality cult can't have. You just don't see the other side of them.

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