Fei's dream

Haylee 2022-10-11 01:02:14

I knew he was dreaming from the moment he got off the train and felt in the wrong place with green grass in front of him. Everything that happened after that was his dream. After seeing him stray into the Doctor's mansion, I still have a little doubt, why the noise and movement on the train are not reflected in the dream? This is not in line with the theory of "Inception". Then I saw him holding a vibrator and couldn't stop for a while. It was immediately confirmed that it was a dream. Then I thought of the chaos and noise in the gym ahead, not on the train? Hahaha.

There is also a feeling that Director Fei likes to design the main room of the male protagonist as a kind of elegant and temperamental woman, which is completely different from the coquettish kitsch of his mistress and spoofing object. In fact, it was found in "Eight and a Half", and the same is true for this film. I don't know if Fei Dao himself has such a complex. And the short hair in the main room, will it also reflect him? Purely personal nonsense.

The whole movie is pretty ironic. Although it is very anti-feminist from the perspective of the male protagonist, the director himself should want to criticize male rights more. I dare to guess that there are some plots in the film that allude to boys' sexual enlightenment, such as sneaking the cook's legs under the table, peeking at women changing clothes on the beach, and the collective lewd scenes in the cinema, all from the director's own experience when he was young. .

At the end of writing, I found that this film is similar to "Eight and a Half" in many places, even waking up from a dream and falling from a high hot air balloon.

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