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Fellini's new film "Women's City" On January 14 this year, the US "Newsweek" published an article commenting on the new film "Women's City" written and directed by the famous Italian film director Fellini. This is Fellini's fourteenth work. It takes the feminist movement popular in the West in the 1970s as the theme, and writes about a professor who is engaged in mythology. His mind is full of Venus from ancient Milo to the deceased contemporary. The famous American movie star Marilyn Munro is some of the most romantic women. Later, the professor was attracted to a beautiful woman, followed her to a carnival-like feminist convention, and was forced like an animal into a gladiatorial fight with a female gladiator. Fellini said: "We men have always been accustomed to putting our own image on women, asking them to play designated roles. This professor finally realized that women refused to accept this ridiculous image." The inspiration is actually the awakening of director Fellini on this issue. The women in his previous films were either celestial fairies, human prostitutes, or deliberately smeared objects for people to laugh at, so they were called machismo by feminists, or even misogynists. This reflects a shift in Fellini's own view of the feminist movement. To raise $6 million for the film, Fellini spent months convincing French film studio Gaumont to come up with the money. During the filming process, an old friend who had been composing music for his films passed away, and an important actor committed suicide, so Fellini had to stop filming for two months and rewrite the script. Despite the twists and turns, Fellini insisted on filming the film, which is scheduled to be released at the Cannes Film Festival in May. (Gao Jianmin)

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