Chapter 19

Marietta 2022-10-02 01:02:33

Look ignorant. Looking at it under the premise that it is known to be a dream, it feels absurd and seems absurd and reasonable (after all, "there is everything in a dream").

At first I thought it was similar to "Daughter's Country", with warm fragrance and nephrite jade, curling spring dreams, but I didn't expect it to be much more radical. First, there are sitcoms of busy women satirizing men who only think about that, and then there are grandma molesting the male protagonist. Polyandry is the same, male and female are reversed, which seems to be the opposite of reality. Is it feminism?

The back is getting more and more mysterious. Going up and down stairs, slides, climbing and descending is very suggestive of "that thing"; galleries full of erotic portraits and gasps, strip girls with busty breasts and swaying buttocks, the whole is full of sex, everywhere . Although according to Freud's theory, the origin of all dreams comes from "sex", but it is tiring to have such a dream.

I can't read the director's film language, I seem to be a little fool, watching a lively, but also watching a lonely...

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