Still a movie worth watching

Dejah 2022-07-17 15:46:32

In fact, the plot is very simple, so simple that it can even be said to be old-fashioned. It is about a tragedy caused by an maintenance accident, a surgeon whose marriage failed and his family failed, and his wife's lover, an unemployed youth, an old maintenance worker, several The interweaving of stories is pretty much what this movie is all about.

As the saying goes, one-third of natural disasters, seven of man-made disasters, "Subway" is also caused by the imperfect maintenance system. The opening half hour of the film is the most exciting. The atmosphere, the environment, and the shots are very smooth. After the disaster broke out, there are people who save lives regardless of their personal safety, and there are thieves who take the opportunity to steal money. I think it is very realistic, but I think The biggest flaw is that the heroine is too 2 forced, all kinds of emotional, and it does not help the film at all.

I haven't watched many Russian movies, but I have to say that the special effects of the film are very good. It is estimated that it will take ten years for the Chinese dynasty to achieve such good special effects.

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