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Palma 2022-07-17 22:07:24

It's one of the few movies I've seen that feels so real and moving, even though it doesn't seem real in some ways! In the vast camp of sci-fi disaster films, the stories told are mostly stories of a small group of people. This Hollywood standard practice is also reflected in this film, but I still feel that it is more real, and this authenticity comes from my own. Anxiety or a reaction to an unattainable future, and a fear of human nature.

After watching the movie, it is rare for me not to criticize the various bugs of the movie, but to comprehend the essence of the movie instead of looking at the work with an extremely demanding eye.

It is still clearly visible:
1. In the section where the subway brakes suddenly, I can imagine what could happen every minute and every second, and the camera slowly records everything that happened here, so it is truly restored;

2. After the subway hits and hits , The little girl's father pulled the little girl out of the crowd, because she was not sure whether the little girl had hurt her bones or not, and then asked the little girl to move her hands→arms→... Such real and delicate details are very expressive. . How many science fiction films have forgotten these unknown processing methods and details. These remarkable details can be seen everywhere in the movie. Although it is a bit illogical, at least they are not sloppy filming, but popular science.

3. This should be a real natural disaster (man-made disaster) that happened in the Soviet era. He warned us architects that any mistake will have a devastating impact, which cannot be solved by capital punishment. of. . .

4. In terms of emotional scenes, it is also very interesting. After a young couple and their wife cheated, the gathering of two men is really a rare combination; there is no uniformity in expressing the behavior of these two people through their daughters. Partial, the ending is still memorable.


In recent years, the subsidence occurred during the construction of subways in Nanjing, Wuhan and other places, what can I say?
Human ignorance and mistakes are huge hidden dangers of unpredictable disasters in the future! No one wants to see history repeating itself, and we have so much more to do!


Brief introduction to the accident of Leningrad Metro Line 1:

On April 8, 1974, when excavating the off-line tunnel, an unfrozen area was excavated, causing the quicksand to protrude. The quicksand volume exceeded 40,000 cubic meters, and quicksand also occurred in the on-line tunnel. protrude. The tunnel was quickly submerged. In the process of 6 hours, the 2 tunnels were filled with loose sand from the working face to the working well (about 600m), and finally 2 stacks of 3m thick blocking walls were built at the forest station to be controlled. ACCIDENT. The accident caused the ground to subside, forming a 400m × 200m groove, with a maximum subsidence of 3.5m at the center of the quicksand protrusion. The buildings and buildings in the settlement area were greatly deformed, and some of them were destroyed. After the accident, liquid nitrogen was used for freezing, which was the first time in the world that liquid nitrogen was used for freezing. The tunnel restoration work was carried out directly in water, and the sand flow did not stop even at a temperature of -185°C. More than 8,000 t of liquid nitrogen was used, and the accident was finally successfully controlled. At that time, the 70m-long permafrost sealing body was completed.

On the night of December 3, 1995, a large amount of water poured into the lower tunnel, the upper tunnel sank sharply, and a disaster occurred. On December 4, 1995, the tunnel operation was terminated. On December 10, 1995, the emergency group meeting decided to flood the upper tunnel. On December 16, 1995, the off-line tunnel was also blocked for irrigation.

The Leningrad Pravda newspaper described the accident as follows: 20 years ago, the 3 t heavy steel waterproof gates that were pre-installed permanently closed the 500m long busy line of the St. Petersburg Metro from both ends. Thick concrete sealing wall. Roaring groundwater filled the closed section, causing massive subsidence of the overlying soil layer in the accident area, and damage to residential and factory buildings on the Integrated Technology Street and the Red October Plant area. Cars falling into pits, houses covered in cracks, groundwater billowing up. . .

Since then, the Metro Red Line has been split in two, and the long-term passenger flow of more than 500,000 people per day has to transfer to a free bus at Forest Station or Heroic Square Station to cross the closed subway section, and then go down to the subway line on the other side to continue. their itinerary.

Political factors leading to the accident:

As far as route planning is concerned, unreasonable routes are adopted. The plan to cross the underground river was the most difficult to construct. It was selected because the project had a short construction period. If the project was completed before the big day, the tunnel digger could get the reward. At that time, the big day was the 25th Congress of the CPSU.

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