Russian Movies - Surprise

Eloisa 2022-07-17 19:56:18

Because I just went to Moscow not long ago, I also made the legendary Moscow subway, so I specially watched the movie when the movie was released. The following summarizes the characteristics of the film:

1. The level is completely comparable to that of hollywood, and it has produced its own style. I really like the alternative soundtrack in the film, and the theme song is also very nice;

2. Personal experience: the Moscow subway is very deep, it takes 3 minutes to reach the ground by elevator, and the decoration is very beautiful, like the underground palace. It can be seen from the film that Russia's infrastructure really needs to be improved, as well as corruption.

3. My favorite part is the one with the sudden braking. It's really wonderful, and American movies have not made this level! How to say it; real, brutal, and a little "dark humor".

4. I imitated the Hollywood family drama, the emotional part, I think it should be highlighted at the end, which will be more infectious.

5. The camera mounts of several big scenes are not bad, because I just went to Moscow, so I feel a little empathy. The extras performed well.

6. If I watched this movie before I went to Moscow, I would not dare to do the subway there, hehe...

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