Healing thriller for one person

Ludwig 2022-11-21 08:51:46

One person voted at the cinema, except for the sci-fi/animation/comedy movies that he had seen, and the love/action movies he didn’t like, so, after picking and choosing, he reluctantly chose the rest-the non-domestic thriller "Deadly". subway". Maybe it's because the expectations are not high, maybe it's because the level of foreign thrillers is really high, in short, it's an absolute surprise after watching it! ——Believe me, this surprise is definitely not compared with domestic thrillers.

For "Thriller", the defining genre of the film, "Deadly Metro" does not have a drop of blood in the whole film, there is no shot of any blood type, and the sound effects are also quite "ineffective". In short, this is a very mild pseudo For a thriller, we can even imagine that the original author must be biting the script and cursing the director. The thriller effect is so ruined. . . However, if it wasn't for the effect of "thriller", this film would still be very enjoyable to watch - the plot is coherent, the characters are plump, the mistress is handsome, the dog is cute, the cute girl is asking for a hookup - the requirements are getting more and more partial I'm sorry.

Ignoring the "horror" effect of failing, this type of film has a rare connotation. The film begins to reflect at the beginning of the disaster, the old and disrepaired subway tunnel, endless development, and cracking. This kind of effect, similar to a reflection on a disaster film, is very easy to accept.

The emotional line of the film is quite healing, the love and affection of the male protagonist, the love house between the male junior and the little girl, and people who do not know each other help each other - even if they escape in a crowded tunnel, even if there is knee-high water under their feet, but the film does not. In any scene where you step on or fall and cry helplessly, the person on both sides of the fall will immediately pull you up, the person holding the child has always been supported, and the pair of the girl boy and the asthma girl are even more deadly. You have to sacrifice yourself to save the other party (but it's not a loss to get this girl in the end). There is also the government's insistence on the rescue plan to the end, and the film can always reveal hope in despair.

Regarding the cheating of the male protagonist and his wife, the single girl said that she could not understand the ending at all, and was very surprised by her choice at the last moment. She burst into tears at the moment when she hugged her little daughter. Maybe she is not a good wife, but a good mother who loves her daughter is completely disgusting.

It is rare that there is a male junior who is unpleasant. After waiting for more than 10 years after the woman gets married, he has no resentment towards another family, and is very caring for her daughter. ,,, The most important thing is that he is so handsome,,, such a handsome guy with infatuation, love, high working ability, etc. - this is definitely the strongest bug of the movie!

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