Тебя ждут you are waiting tenderly

Alanis 2022-10-15 12:38:54

As someone who has studied Russian for six years, I have never liked Russian films very much. Because of their excessive literary and artistic tone, I find them a bit sensational; because of their persistent artistic pursuit, they are always too verbose. But this time, I give this disaster movie full stars.
I am in Petersburg and have been to Moscow. In this film, there are subways, trains, and city scenes that I am familiar with, as well as the stubbornness, strength, and hysteria of the familiar Russians, which made me shed tears of a pack of tissues. After watching this kind of movie, I was terrified when I took the subway, and the thought of my family warmed my heart. The Russian disaster film I watched before was "78 Meters" about the sinking of a submarine. At that time, it was just blindly uncomfortable and very depressing. And this disaster movie is closer to real life - everyone who lives here knows how old subways, sewers, and buildings are. Our dormitory is an old house that is more than 40 years old. The elevator is often broken, the roof has cracks, and white powder Pieces of ashes fell off. And there are many happy characters in the play, all of them have Russian characteristics.
For example, Misha, the most common postman, is timid and useless, but loves his work and his family very much. Even in the face of disasters, he carefully protects his work documents. How much his wife loves him, without his wife, he is nothing. Of course, there are also negligent staff, such as the subway administrator at the beginning of the film, who clearly told him that there was a problem with the tunnel, but he still ignored the warning arrogantly, leading to the final disaster. Such conceited, perfunctory public officials are common in Russia. There is also the hesitant and incompetent appearance of the leaders during the meeting, which is also a straightforward irony of the Russian people's dissatisfaction with the upper classes. In the hearts of the people, it is this kind of virtue to be an official, and the people have never had a good impression of the power class.
I also like that homeless girl Ganina very much. She is very interesting, sees through the mundane, has a kind heart (helps the old maintenance man to buy wine at the supermarket), is content with wine, and is optimistic. The connection between the young men and women makes people feel the inconceivable fate. The boy is only in love at first sight, and he sacrifices his life to find anti-allergic medicine for the girl over and over again. The proud woman is also moved by it. Puppy family portrait is also a clever stroke, Russians really have deep feelings for animals.
When it comes to the relationship between the central characters Andrew and Wald's rivalry, it's not what I expected. The Russian man who is forbearing again is an angry bull when he erupts. His previous forbearance, but he did not find a target to vent. He loved his wife too much and was reluctant to lose his temper at her (in fact, such men are as rare as pandas in Russia~~). As for his rivals, he has no mercy at all. The heroine's name is the same as my Russian name, so embarrassing... I feel like I want to change my name.
In fact, it is not so much that this film shows several protagonists, but rather the support and contradictions of these protagonists in the disaster, as well as the warm expectations of their relatives outside, showing the only human being in the face of disaster. Pillar - love. Disasters are unpredictable and devastating. In addition to the instinctive desire for life, there is also the power of love that supports the suffering people to persevere. The little girl Ke Husha kept saying "Mother is looking for us". This reminds me of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. If you don't believe that relatives outside are waiting and searching, how can people who are crushed under the boulder survive? This is evident in Wald, the third-party lover. When the two young people became a pair and supported each other, Andrew hugged his daughter and never left, and he could only playfully call the name of the homeless girl Ganina, saying, "Hehe, so, Ganina is keeping me. ?" But because there was no love connection, he just shouted a few words symbolically, and didn't try to find it. The stray girl could only fend for herself and swim out of the tunnel on her own. When everyone was rescued, the hostess Elena cast her tender gaze on her daughter and husband. Although the latter looked resentful and ignored her at all, she still paid more attention to the connection of her 12-year family, and had no time to take care of her. Beside the lonely lover Wald - waiting for him only respectful subordinates. At this time, I remembered that when I went to the airport in the summer, I saw that others were eagerly looking forward to the reunion of relatives and friends, but I was waiting for unrelated strangers, the kind of desolation, and I felt the same.
The hope of life comes from love. The embodiment of love is that you are gently waited for. If so, you will feel that your life is meaningful. Therefore, I often think that no matter how complicated and difficult it is to get along with others, we still need to integrate into the crowd and actively seek all kinds of love. Friendship is good, family love is good, love is good; for a long time, but it is not always by your side, just like family love, although it cannot give you constant company, it can give you the strongest backing; , No predestined relationship is like friendship. Maybe you don’t know the day when you will stop talking and be unfamiliar, but at the moment, friends are always your warmest companions; looking for and looking for, you can’t catch the shadow of fate. Like love, you don't know when you meet, but once you meet it, you believe that this moment is eternal life.
I hope you are waiting tenderly in this world.

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