Russian love, a little understand.

Vincenzo 2022-11-08 20:34:54

In 2013, the plot thriller disaster movie " Deadly Metro Метро "

Let's talk about it first, the poster is very distracting. The subway is out of the way.

I don’t watch much Russian movies. The Russian people have a strong national spirit and color, and some things are really hard to understand, but the Celestial Dynasty and Russia have had a long time of intersection. There are a lot of similar things left over from the revolution at the time.

Such as congested traffic, aging subway system. For example, some political tasks. . Wait wait. Some are not easy to say. .

The first 25 minutes of the plot are a bit boring, and it has been compacted since the subway accident, and the climax has begun.

However, compared to those who fled in a hurry since the accident, they were delayed by various accidents and then fell behind, but what? . Even if you are behind. . There was too much time for small talk. Although there are many emergencies interspersed in the middle, it feels that the rhythm has been slowed down a lot.

There is also an emotional line interspersed in the middle, although I don't understand Maozi's emotional path very well. . But also interesting. There is a little joke at the end of the movie. . To avoid spoilers, I won't complain.

Maybe a lot of people are claustrophobic, maybe they also have a fear of the subway. Many small details of the accident in the movie are real, and the subway accident is also true (of course, the movie is just made up). It seems to be the flooding accident of the St. Petersburg subway.

-------I am the dividing line of the subway---

Recommendation index: ★★★ (6/10 points), I feel that 130 minutes is a bit long. Of course, if I have this feeling, it proves that the plot of this movie is still procrastinating.

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