Of course I chose to forgive her

Reymundo 2022-10-11 01:58:24

At the beginning of the film, the male protagonist can see that he is a good person as soon as he appears, but he is not very good at communication and feels a little clumsy. Sure enough, his wife cheated... And what's even more awesome is that she gave him a green hat for 12 years, and he didn't say a word? ! I really love the heroine very much for being so humiliated... It's a pity that most women like "bad men" and don't like "honest men".

Then the male protagonist's daughter appeared. This little princess is very similar to her mother. She looks beautiful, has a hot temper, and is stubborn, but she is much more just than her father. The man who has a discordant marriage life is really like a dish, and his face is aggrieved. What do you think? feel a little green...

Then the heroine's lover, the second male, officially appeared. He's really handsome, and he looks a bit like Putin the Great~ But this guy looks very burly and reliable, but he's actually a bit cowardly. If he likes the heroine, he can only have an affair with her. , It's been 12 years since I've done it... It's also unprecedented. I really endure humiliation and burden, and I can endure it better than the male protagonist. I'm convinced...

Finally, there is the heroine. This woman is also a very magical existence. She has an impeccable appearance, young and beautiful, sexy and hot, and the mole on the corner of her mouth is also very sultry~BUT! This woman's character is really unpleasant, and I don't really like it anyway. Why cheat? She cheated on her for 12 years as soon as she came out... Every time she was asked to choose, she was hesitant. It obviously meant that her lover had to, and her husband didn't want to let go! What's more, there is a lovely daughter, how can you give up the family? Infidelity is just a temporary stimulus. If you really want to give up your family, to be honest, few women can do it. Sure enough, I finally chose to give up the mistress and go to her husband's arms~

What will my husband do now? ——"Forgive Dafa" Okay! Of course, he chose to forgive her! ! ! The truth is like this: "If you want to live well, you have to have a little green on your head."

The more you look, the more like Putin the Great!


After the rant is over, let's be serious.

The scene at the beginning of the film is actually very much in line with the daily life of Russia:

1) Unusually congested roads

The second male just couldn't stand the congestion and chose to take the subway, and then started a series of wonderful stories~

It can also be seen that the traffic situation in Russia is very bad and the management is very general...

2) Magnificent subway station

The Russian subway station has a long history. More than 80 years have passed from 1935 to the present, and the maintenance is quite good.

In the early years, the subway station was a military fortress, used for refuge, so it was built very deep, more than 100 meters underground, and it took more than 5 minutes to go down by the escalator...

In addition, the more than 200 subway stations of the fighting nation are magnificently built, and none of them are duplicated. They are all decorated with marble, and there are various reliefs, murals, crystal chandeliers and so on. It's not like the subway stations in China are all the same, and they are all built very rigidly... Because this was a goal of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, to build the subway station into a "Palace of Art for the masses", and they did it later, or Great.

3) When people wait for the subway, they usually read books and newspapers quietly, and they usually line up in a very orderly manner, and they will not be rude and rude to cut into the queue.

There is a free station library in the Moscow Metro Station, which can be borrowed for free. This is inseparable from the quality of their people. If they are placed in China, they will all be taken away by someone who does not know...

4) Aloof Muscovites

Alice was cold and unsmiling when she met the young boy. There is also the old man holding the dog that the little princess met at the subway station, and she also had a cold face when other people talked to her.

But the young man is very warm and generous. I guess he should be from St. Petersburg~ Yes, St. Petersburg and Muscovites are completely opposite. They are influenced by the French, warm and generous, friendly and romantic?

It's not that Muscovites are really cool (but they look cool on the outside), they just don't like to laugh. Because they think that giggling for no reason is stupid... It's not the same as Americans, who love to laugh, smile in a friendly way, show their big white teeth, and even give friendly hugs You, it feels really warm.

5) Russian hotties and beauties

I have to say that the young Russian girls are really "God's darlings", with the faces of angels and the bodies of devils, they are as dazzling as they are, and they are like dragons. At the same time, the character is also very stubborn and stubborn, no difference than a man, I appreciate it very much!

There is also a handsome man with long legs in Russia, handsome and handsome, Yushu Linfeng, really handsome, handsome! very handsome! Subway staff, wearing blue uniform, sexy~


Finally, let's talk about what I don't understand.

First of all, why did the subway driver not rush over when he saw the water leaking in front of him, but slammed on the brakes? Can this be stopped? If not, then doing so will only increase casualties and not solve the problem. If so, do you want to turn around and go back after you stop?

Secondly, why does the filled liquid nitrogen become solid nitrogen instead of gasifying into nitrogen when it meets water?

? ? ?

The boiling point of liquid nitrogen is much lower than the freezing point of water, so liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius will definitely gasify into nitrogen when it encounters water at room temperature. To solidify liquid nitrogen into solid nitrogen, it can only be cooled or pressurized. It is not possible to cool down, so there is only pressurization. Then only the tunnel is closed, the air is pumped out to pressurize, and then liquid nitrogen is introduced to make it solid nitrogen and support the city of Moscow. However, why must solid nitrogen be used instead of gaseous nitrogen? Isn't gas nitrogen also stable and not easy to react? And the gas can also increase the pressure to support the ground? Also, pumping out air is not easy to operate. As soon as the air leaves, the pressure increases, and the water may boil...and then turn into water vapor. This seems to explain it well... Anyway, it will be a huge project.

So this film reminds us not to underestimate any small job in any position. (If the boss listened to the old repairman at the beginning, carefully checked the water leakage problem, and did not rush to start the subway, would this disaster be avoided?)

Even if it is just a small screw, through the "butterfly effect", it can be like a domino, and finally cause a major disaster. "The embankment of a thousand miles collapses in the ant's nest", the wisdom crystallization summed up by the ancients long ago, should be kept in mind.

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