If you see the subway like me, you will think of this work

Joaquin 2022-09-29 08:11:52

In fact, the first time I watched a Russian film, I was quite pleasantly surprised. From a narrative point of view, this work has quite a lot of background, whether it is a family, a government or a department. Take a picture. The background of many disaster films cannot escape human nature. The same is true of the fatal subway tunnel accident. It is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster. After decades of tunnel history, it still has to endure overloaded work, even if the old man in charge of the inspection reminds that there are No one cares about the hidden dangers, and the result is of course the same as a movie. There is also a background in the movie. The male protagonist is a surgeon and a father. His wife has been having an affair for 12 years and is ready to divorce. The cheating man is an architect. The master is very useless. The man who dropped out of school was originally going to audit the school. The asthmatic woman is a high-cold girl and the man who dropped out of school.

A crisis caused by the neglect of relevant departments made this group of people hug each other, escape the electric shock on the water, escape the subway flooded by the water, and survive together in the shaft, whether it is family or love, but It is an experience that makes people know how to rely on each other. In the end, it seems to understand that sometimes luck is when you are accidentally seen and illuminated in the vast corpse, and you survive! Also, if you like someone, please help her find asthma spray desperately, because it is possible that you will become a hero to save the beauty, of course it is possible!

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