life is a miracle

Melba 2022-11-07 18:06:26

This is the second time I watched this movie with my roommates in the dormitory. The first time I watched it was with my best friend at the cinema. The first time I watched it in the cinema with my best friend, because we didn't know the plot behind it, so we all watched it with our hearts out of our throats. Every scream and heart-wrenching cry of the people on the subway in this movie will directly hit the most vulnerable part of everyone's heart, and it will make my heart tug all the time. A real person only understands the value of life after walking through the gate of hell, just like in this movie, although some scenes or details may not be so real, but it can really make me feel life. The insignificance of human beings, as well as the powerless state of people in the face of disasters.
The group of people in the movie who were eager to escape, they were full of longing for life, they wanted to escape as soon as possible, but they all died in it because water was conductive, I really feel sorry for them at the same time. Heartache for them. That fat but extremely kind-hearted guy ended up becoming a cold corpse floating in the water. I want to say why a kind-hearted person ends up like this in the end, and why God didn't protect him. I'm a Christian myself, so that's why I'm saying that here. There are also those two men, men who have a relationship because of a woman, and their encounter can bring me too many thoughts. One is optimistic and the other only speaks sarcastically. There is a great contrast between them. I can also see the different attitudes towards life preservation in the face of disaster or in the face of death. That puppy also left a deep impression on me. It was protected by a group of kind people, which made me see the brilliance and warmth of human nature.
This is my first time writing a movie review. I don't know how to write it, but this movie really shocked me. A movie that can shock people may not need the special effects scenes of American blockbusters or the like There are so many protracted plots and love stories in Korean dramas, as long as they shock my heart, I think it is a movie that I think can be praised.
Finally, I would like to say that this movie not only truly reflects the scene of the disaster, but also people's strong instinct to survive in the face of death can make a deep memory for me. There is also the couple who were together because of the disaster. That man made me admire and made me feel that there is still love in this world. The so-called love is that in the face of life and death, even if you die, you will not leave yourself behind of that feeling.
That's probably all I've written. It's a bit long. I also wrote everything I wanted to say in my mind. I hope more friends can see what I wrote.

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