[Thinking about the first two episodes] This is a story about not mentioning a male protagonist

Natalia 2022-07-21 14:37:45

The first episode of the male lead: Hello everyone, I am the male lead, and I just broke up with my ex-girlfriend because I didn't give it a shot, but I believe this is not my problem, and I can definitely become a real man. . . This pink-haired girl likes me, this pink-haired girl wants to have sex with me, and I can't do it at this time. . . I don't remember anything because it was so cool, but it's said that I'm so fierce and I really am a real man Episode 2 Male lead: I want to prove to everyone that I can be a real man, childhood sweetheart girl and me. . . Right~ I remember this hard feeling~ Hahaha~ Huh? Why did it get soft again after entering. . . By the way, it must be a kiss, I must need foreplay to get hard. What's the matter? Still didn't feel it. . . Childhood: Am I not attractive enough? Pink Hair: Only I can make the male protagonist as hard as steel.

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