Written in a little analysis + thoughts after being reported

Lela 2022-07-21 20:53:23

Anyway, I can’t read it now, so I can add a comment (laughs) The previous long comments have already explained the big world view setting. Details: First, the place where the parasites live is called Mistletoe. Anyone who watches fans should know that under Mistletoe, kissing must not be refused. Of course, this is also part of the ubiquitous kissing "system" (02 kisses Hiro, and the XX in the ending song: the sound of XX in me is also kiss).

The second is that the heroine's self-proclaimed "servant" (servant's Darling), a servant is a male self-proclaimed in Japanese, and the identity of the heroine as a rebel in this male-dominated world can also be seen here.

Of course, the slashing that came after being reported by an idiot is now an afterthought (laughs).

The core of this film should be similar to "From the New World", a dystopian theme: that side is the best, this side is the eugenics, the same thing, they all treat human rights as nothing.

Are those guys who start to objectify women when they see a "riding" position, turn a blind eye to the interconnectedness of the entire show, and don't have the slightest grasp of the ideological core of the entire show, aren't they really feminist cancer? ? ?

(This also reminds me of an article on the Shanghai Translation’s official account discussing women’s rights or sexual rights yesterday. At that time, I didn’t quite agree with the statement on “sexual rights” in the article, but I had a different feeling when I contacted the matter. There are dozens of domestic Years ago, the attitude towards sex was still very secretive, but now it seems to be open and free, but it has gone to the extreme of "persecution paranoia".

Essentially, it's just another form of fear and reluctance to face it.

In this sense, the right to stretch is indeed necessary. )

In fact, according to the number of episodes released now, it is difficult to say what the plot will go next, so from an objective point of view, I should have rated it around 8.8. But given that the hard work was wasted in this way, I still give five stars to all the old men of the G club. It's so distressing.

Again, there is no original sin in literary and artistic works. You can say that this time it is set by EVA again, you can say that the old people of the G company are pills; you can say that the plot is old-fashioned; you can say that the heroine maliciously sells meat naked; you can even say that women are objectified...

But you can't keep me from watching.

This kind of logic of "I can't stand it, so don't even think about it" is the most frightening. It almost reminds me of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

If it goes on like this for ten years, I am afraid that I will only be able to watch model dramas (laughs).

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