I seem to see an epic work rising

Mozelle 2022-07-21 14:09:52

I'm not interested in who these producers are, I'm only interested in the work itself.
I really like those works that see the big from the small. Some works set their own worldview very grand, and I can't wait to list them in front of the audience like a running account. And some works are not listed deliberately, just tell their own little stories, others, inadvertently, with the emotional progress of the male and female protagonists, and occasionally glimpse, and then inadvertently, the infinity of the world will be amazing flashed before his eyes.
I understand that many people, especially female viewers, are disgusted with the driving posture in the film. I think in this era of meat-loving, selling meat is nothing new. I don't plan to wash the producers' bad taste, but Under the bad taste, I saw something different, and that is the strong hint of male power in the current world. This film, now in the fifth episode, can see that the adults have a very strong sense of ritual, like a mechanical punk, the doctor seems to be a symbol of half-biological, half-mechanical, mechanical, and industrial society. The adults in the leadership class are called "dads", and the children respect their fathers' words like gods, which is more like a presentation of "paternal power". The only role of the children is to fight, and the children once said in the dialogue that the children who could not drive the Frankens to fight are gone. In addition to these fighting children, there are indeed no other children in the film, let alone a baby, a young couple, or even a family in a normal human society. Except for the remodeled "dads", and the young men who cover half of their faces like missionaries, and the warriors like robots, they are children. All of this is not at all what a normal human society should look like.
So what kind of world is this? The producer did not answer directly. But ubiquitous hints have pointed the way.
"Dads" control society like gods.
The "kids" fought to the death for the "dads", and that's what they lived for. Including the male protagonist himself, they are all frustrated because of their uselessness.
At this time, 02 appeared. She appeared as a rebel figure. She often makes her own decisions, doesn't obey orders, and doesn't have much respect for "dads".
She looks like a strong person, but the more you look, the more you realize that she is actually a weak person, a person who has nothing to rely on and lives in the eyes of others. It is always like this, a hard shell is a weapon to protect one's weak heart. I said, this film is always full of hints everywhere. 02I have been looking for, what are you looking for? It is not so much a male protagonist, but rather a temperature that does not seem to be needed in this mechanical industrial civilization, that is, love.
And 02 once said that let Guang follow her to leave here and go outside. Where is this outside? It should not be another mobile city, but the world outside the city. Why did she go outside the city? From a suggestive point of view, this outside may refer to freedom, and everyone should remember the place where the children live, called the "bird cage". From the perspective of the plot, it is necessary for the male and female protagonists to solve the mystery of the species called dragon, which does not look like a creature, and to solve the mystery of this world. At that time, maybe the evil dragon called dragon is not evil. God-like "dads" may not be gods.
In general, the show has just started, and the world's chapter has just turned the first page, but the producer's ambitions have already emerged.
Let go of the discomfort implied by patriarchy, this is a good work worth watching in 2018.
Just like 02 dancing by the lake and innocent smile.

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