yesterday's dream

Louisa 2022-11-05 06:10:58

Last week, we agreed to wash the floor for the national team, but after seeing the end, the floor is still worth cleaning.

In recent years, I haven't seen so many new shows that have caused such fluctuations in expectations and evaluations both inside and outside of various works. At the beginning, it was a half-joking "national team" speech, the name of the trigger club. After the broadcast, Mei Zhaimen, who experienced the driving posture again, reported the removal of the door. Followed by the super amazing performance of Gao Tong Yuzi in the fifth episode. It is an indisputable fact that the audience from S1 to the NGA chase has entered an atmosphere of a cluster mentality by this point in time. It can be seen from the endless counterfeit medicines and the brain hole of Chinese culture in the national team building. Since it is a cluster mentality, there must be no objective and neutral mentality when looking at the works, and abruptly elevates a fan that is actually very small to the number one popular. This is not the fault of the work itself. Gao Tong's super-level performance seems to be an unfortunate misunderstanding now, but it should be noted that these episodes, except for the fifth episode, are not in the beginning of the story, which is not in line with the kind of Iron Fortress, Sin King, and AldNoAH/Zero. Very typical 's high and low. If it weren't for those controversies, DiTF would have driven away most of the fat houses that were not used to the routine development at the beginning.

The combat part of DiTF is really bad, needless to say. It is only right and proper to expect the person watching the fight to scold the mother, and there is nothing to justify. But in terms of narrative logic, although there are some problems with the rhythm, DiTF's script structure and echoes from beginning to end, and the meaning expressed is clear and complete. If you look back (though I doubt anyone else has this interest), it's clear what each episode is supposed to do throughout the script , albeit at the expense of character consistency a lot of the time. You'll find that the story didn't get out of control, it didn't get weird. It ran its course. After all, it was clearly stated before the broadcast that this is a story based on Kazuo Ishiguro's "Don't Let Me Go", and you shouldn't expect it He has the level of classical heroism in Attack on Titan. Then. His advancing rhythm is also very trigger-a bicycle at the beginning, the so-called "Island & Boss Changeover" in the middle episodes, the Star Destroyer at the end, and the acceleration towards the end, ending the battle by shouting. The routine is the routine, which should not be the reason for the audience to be particularly disappointed .

If you have a certain understanding of the works of the former G club, it is not difficult to see that DiTF is an attempt to "realize the dream" of the standardized G club-Trigger tragedy. It's very much like these main creators have made old-age comfort therapy for themselves and iron fans. Back then, how many people wanted to send razor blades when the scene in "Tianyuan Breakthrough" where Breakthrough Linia disappeared in a wedding dress? Kill ra Kill Although the blood and Liu Zi were once together, they were separated by Yin and Yang in the end. So this time DiTF has 02 wearing a wedding dress in the universe to complete the wedding and honeymoon. By the way, the bandit and 016 fit together to put a bomb and die together. Back then, the two female protagonists of Topless left the earth for tens of thousands of years. After returning to their hometown, their stories were almost not passed down. After the success of this revolution, the heroic deeds of the revolutionary ancestors 02 and 016 were painted into picture books and passed down through generations, and will be remembered forever. In the end, the cowardice and passiveness of Shinji-kun of EVA killed everyone. A reluctant hero and survivor until the end of the story. On the other hand, our 02 and 016 are also the beginning of poetry, hesitant, overwhelmed, and finally bursting with positive energy. The screenwriter can't wait to borrow the collective hymn of the 13 troops and say: We added all the scheming and troubled back then, added all, As many as you want. Initiative, hard work, love, resistance, companionship, growth, everything. It is not wrong to criticize it as a fake, or it is pointless. Because the point of DiTF happens to be that it is a better-than-none shadow of the beautiful and sad dream of the past. It's like we couldn't afford the frame and motor of the Audi double diamond in our childhood, and now Tamiya's four-wheel drive can be equipped with the top. DiTF is the dream of yesterday that expands and annihilates all regrets, but more than 20 years and more than 30 years have passed, our life and the world itself have gone too far and too fast. Bringing the good memory back to life will allow it to receive unfair criticism - after all, that distant impression is already unattainable perfection.

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