Overexpectation, Overvaluation and Overspending

Jayme 2022-10-13 20:04:30

This animation is the most controversial one I've seen in recent years, and one that I rarely want to give a low score. I was going to comment on the following, but it's too long, so I'll post it separately. First of all, the setting of old fans such as eva and leap to the peak is not the beginning, but from the beginning to the end, especially the last few words are a peak. The biggest innovation in the whole fan is probably the face inserted on the radish. The character design is okay, which is indeed the strength of this show, but the framework is not novel, and the common protagonist group starts. The collapse of the character design in the later period is also quite powerful. I blinded my expectations. When the berry opportunity is available, let's stay with the spare tire. What did the fat house do wrong? The interaction between Ruanmeng 02 and Guang's greasy makes me want to vomit. Secondly, the lowering of the painting and the lowering of the ratings are probably not that big. Now the audience is mainly watching the plot, and the audience who pretend to be an "industry person" is still small, and the decline is not obvious, just the number of original words. The main reason is the decline in word of mouth due to the plot and rhythm after episode 13. Third, in fact, the preparatory work in the early stage was a bit lengthy. The real main line began to appear around 20 episodes. The overall plot trend was exponential. The front was too slow and the back was too fast, resulting in many pits dug in the early stage. Speak clearly. Fourth, I remember that some people said that Mika Nakajima's OP is not worthy of this show, but I think the OP (including some of the OP's picture design) is the highest level of the whole show. As for BGM, it can only be said that it is quite satisfactory, and it has done a lot better, but it is not bad. In fact, I was not very optimistic about this show when it started airing for about four or five episodes. The cramming-style foreshadowing and dark lines in the early stage, as well as various senses of sight, make you feel that there will be a god unfolding in the later stage. There are too few such fan dramas that do not collapse. Before the 13th episode, the audience blew up and slammed Jingzi, and I felt even more that this pill did not live up to my expectations. You can brag about how good this show is and how much you like it, but you have nothing to do with other audiences. Regardless of whether it makes sense or not, doing so will directly lead to many viewers who don't like this show negatively. of stereotypes. This kind of result is often contrary to the whole point of arguing and touting, because the original intention of your arguing should actually be to prove how good the show is, and then attract more people to watch and recognize your point of view, right? So it is no exaggeration to say that one fan is top ten black. If it hadn't been blown up, this show might still be rated 3 stars in my heart. Why do I look forward to it too much, because I really look forward to seeing the character design and production before the broadcast To be able to have a masterpiece that is comparable to EVA (I didn't know at the time that it would borrow the settings of the old fan in such a large area), I believe that many people are like this. As for the word "national team", I have no idea, because I don't know these professionals (I believe that many viewers who play national team memes are in the same situation as me, and many of them pretend to be "industry people". ), I only know that this show is not short of money, at least the quality is guaranteed. But unfortunately, after watching a few episodes, I lost confidence in the plot. It can be said that in my eyes, this show has been predicted from the early stage that the ending will be very bad. For example, the early hostile forces called dragons did not show too much harm to human beings in the process of fighting dragons, and the relationship between dragons and lava fuel was implied everywhere, making it easy to think that dragons are a kind of A character like the Guardian of the Earth. In this way, from a general ethical point of view, the protagonist group will definitely stand on the side of the dragon in the end, which makes me feel that it is difficult to have a brilliant plot. Although it sounds a little related to the setting of the apostles in EVA, whether or not to become a god in EVA is full of contradictions and choices, rather than a setting that can obviously stand on the side. Especially the rhetoric of "Tell the dragon to return the earth to human beings" in the last sentence makes me feel as if human beings can be forgiven for anything they do wrong, revealing a sense of responsibility/morality and political correctness everywhere. In the end, the overall performance of this show was indeed unfortunate. The second half of the plot was completely a train run, a hodgepodge of old stalks, and more ingredients were added, so the taste could not be worse. The reason why I say praise is because starting from episode 4 or 5, no matter where I make remarks that I don't like this show, I will be chased by a group of people, and it will not ease until about 20 episodes. In fact, many problems with this show have been obvious from the beginning - this is a work whose core and conveyed ideas are superficial, there is no delicate emotional description, no religious elements, no philosophical thinking, just a work A simple romance drama, which is destined that he can only shoulder the volume of a romance drama, and can only convey the information that a romance drama can convey. He can't watch as often as EVA and give you a lot of different understandings, and he doesn't have the epic sense of Yinying, and he doesn't have the complete hardcore worldview of steelmaking. It's not that grand, it's actually a "mini-plot" work. In the mouths of some blowers, this show not only punches Jingzi, but also hammers EVA and has 10 years in the anus industry. This show can't be done at least in the core, let alone the plot is mediocre, and even feeds shit. The reason why I say over-consumption is because the current reputation of this show in China is largely the product of some people's unlimited play and advocacy. regardless Is it set in a black sitting posture after watching an episode, or it starts to blow up after watching an episode, including the fans who fought each other and criticized each other for half a year, who is not over-consuming this show ? It's just an animation at best, and it's not worth anyone's effort to "justify its name" or "swear until it stops." And what is the result of this overconsumption? We spent a lot of time to analyze, and the result became over-understanding; we spent a lot of time to criticize, but the next time the "national team" will still use this kind of non-aggressive work to make money. The animation industry in Japan still does not improve its creation because of the word of mouth of Chinese audiences. Those who should be slapped in the face will still be slapped in the face, and those who should be fed will still be fed. No one feels bad. And in the past six months, what have you gained other than your scolding skills?

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