Father King and Insect Mother: Modern Man's Fantasy of Binary Conflict

Bret 2022-09-02 18:00:58

In "DARLING in the FRANXX", the paternal world is the world of immortals represented by "fathers" who turn into missing bodies and get rid of the shackles of the body, while the matriarchal world is a group of insect monsters with the dragon princess as the core , These creatures once had a high degree of civilization, but they adapted to a survival mode of turning themselves into animals and weapons in order to fight, sacrificing consciousness.

In fact, these two forms of civilization are completely extreme deductions of human nature. One is the form of rational civilization that pursues immortality. Consciousness is everything, and the body and the reproductive characteristics linked to the body are abandoned, so the eternal existence of civilization is achieved. It's an evolutionary way.

The other is a female worm civilization that has completely transformed itself into a strong body and abandoned spirituality, thus possessing enormous combat power. Like a bee-like society, many worker-like bees would sacrifice themselves for the collective. That's why we always see a lot of dead and bloody blue corpses in animation. But the origin of their life is still human, as evidenced by the shape of the embryo in the core and the Queen saying "You are still my children".

As human beings, we always overestimate the power of spirituality. Therefore, for animals without spiritual thinking, we always feel that they are inferior to others. This is how humans treat animals now. There's no need to treat the dragons as one, so massacres are justified, even if their aggression against us may be just to defend their own kind and "honey," the magma fuel in the animation.

I am thinking that the uglification of the existence of the matriarchy and the sublime of the patriarchal world are the characteristics of our era. The pursuit of rationality and the ugliness of the primitiveness and reproduction of human beings as animals. The matriarchal society is analogous to the society of insects. , which is a side portrait. Insects are dirty, ugly, constantly multiplying, and incessant, hindering the clean and tidy existence of human beings. On the contrary, the patriarchal world is a cold machine, the creation of this perfect intellectual concept, and the power structure is a perfect political system such as the round table of the elders... The physical obstacle does not exist, and the mechanical shell flashes flawlessly. of brilliance. The transformation and mutation of the human body is a step towards the ultimate ideal of perfection, despite the many inhumane scientific experiments carried out during the period, and many innocent lives have been sacrificed.

The end of the ideal is perfection, but perfection is stillness, and the essence of life lies in beating and passion. The adults in the film are transformed through their bodies and will never grow old and die, but they are extremely fragile, unable to come into contact with the germ environment, all senses are degraded, the reality of life and all the joy can only be stimulated by the happiness machine that stimulates the reward area of ​​the brain. These people may be immortal, but their life has since lost its color. This makes one deeply wonder if the ideal of immortality is just an illusion, which seems to me more like euthanasia without death. On the surface, they can still move, but in fact, they have lost their freedom.

And the children, those who have not been castrated and still retain the seeds of the urge to live, are going through a period of puberty. The throbbing and disappointment between people, love and hatred, are so intense and precious in comparison. If you want to retain the emotion of "love", human beings cannot get rid of emotional bondage and enter the world of pure rationality, and then they cannot become undead. Love is the strongest bond between people, and it may be the weakness of human beings, but it is also the source of human strength. At this point, the emotional world of human beings is maternal, and we can never give up the arms of our mother who gave us warmth in the first place. The principle of that machine comes from the body of the worm mother, perhaps this is why they still need the "synchronization rate" of the fetters of boys and girls to activate.

Reproductiveness, aside from the background of civilized fighting in the future, is reflected in the first love in the daily life of boys and girls. First love is so beautiful, it reminds us of the first kiss, the first hug, the first skin-to-skin, it gives us the desire to live and reproduce, to bring physical children with their deepest expressions of love - heart and body The fusion of DNA, passed on to the future. Having a baby is not something to be ashamed of, which is always the most shy girl in the story but the bravest expression. If there is still hope for the future, then human beings will have the desire to reproduce, which is not a dirty or shameful thing, but a natural choice.

As an audience's complaint: The ending is too bad, I feel like I can't take it anymore and end it in a hurry, it's full of grooves! But seeing the love part is still dokidoki~

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