How to open a yellow accent and not be sent to the police station

Angela 2022-07-21 21:15:05

I have to complain that the name really looks like the suspicious white ball of paper in the room of the adolescent boy.

According to the routine, Sakuta should be a vulgar, dirty and salty pig-headed boy who has suspicious fantasies about the body of a beautiful girl. In fact, he is really vulgar, obscene and salty. He is a pig-headed boy who has naked fantasies about the body of a beautiful girl.

Everyone said he was actually very emotional. Well, after reading the novel, I think Sakuta, an immortal spokesperson who does not distinguish between occasions and identities, is set on hold and will be sent to the police station in minutes. The righteous people will kick your kidneys, and even if it is bad, they will hang their heads on the Internet and be punished by various parties. The road group swung for three days.

Why are everyone (sisters) obsessed with this second-rate stuff?

When Yasassi Dafa became popular in the 2D continent, many male protagonists said that it would not be so, but in fact it was already so. Only he, Comrade Sakuta, said it was not so, but it seemed did everything. The male protagonist of light novels is not easy to act, and the male protagonist of the next three-way mouth can still be simulated. Seeing this, countless young wild wolves have worshipped Sakuta as their teacher - is the edge ball so endearing! No, no, just like if you call the second battalion commander every day, no one will pull the Italian cannon. In the same way, your emotional intelligence is very high, and you will know Yayi immediately after hearing Xiange, and you will also not be able to learn how to love. It's hard to paint skin.

The charm of Sakuta, or the charm of this work, is not in how high emotional intelligence is, but in the ability of their lovers.

Sakuta and Mai are full-level characters from the beginning. From the moment they met in the library, they consciously entered a kind of queen VS younger brother mode. The pattern is personal taste, flirtation, and the way they have figured out how to get along. But in reality, they are always equal: they are two mature people who have embraced loneliness, experienced hardships, and found each other. Maturity is not about age.

Fromm mentioned in "The Art of Love" that love is a kind of labor. People who are in love need to give a part of their love, take back a part, and restrain a part. Repeated consideration, forward and backward. "What makes me angry is that it's not me who accompanies the sad Sakuta." Mai said. In the face of her injured lover, she first asked him to lie down to heal the wound, and then faced him together. She was smart and restrained, and she could never do it without the ability to understand people and know the world well.

Sakuta also gave Mai the love she wanted. The symptoms of youth came, and when everyone forgot her, for her existence, he stayed awake for three days, and even became the enemy of the whole school's [ambience]. Confessing on the playground, he is an army alone, and he is her hero of the world.

The boys all want to be a senior, with a beautiful face and a graceful body, but in the face of the real her, they often choose to ignore her - such a girl, I have no ability to have it. But Sakuta is here, regardless of how hard he loves and what he loves. He never seems to be stingy with his ability to love people, pouring the energy he has into all around him.

There may never be a bunny girl on the street corner, you may never be able to work for a person without reservation, and the person you expect may not be able to accept your help without any doubts. Without the [Youth Syndrome], Sakuta and Senpai are also adventures in their lives.

The delicate handling of emotions by the Futaba line also makes people exclaim exquisitely. No triangular drama, no fierce struggle, Futaba's love for Kunimi is decent and restrained. If hopeless love is a necessary part of youth, then when Kunimi came to the Honhuuma Station without hesitation, Futaba had already been redeemed.

"I really like Guojian", "If only everyone could be together all the time", "Why does Guojian have a girlfriend", "Why can't it be me". In the summer of 17, a vigorous body and a depressed mood stimulated the growth of the disease. Maybe it can't be called pathological, but it's just a small question about [self-identity]. "Do I really deserve to be loved?", "Do I have the ability to love someone?", "Is the sexual charm of a woman more interesting?" The arrival of growth and the expectation of love brings a series of Puzzled. This confusion is a re-examination of self-worth. The pain of not being loved, the shameful attention, the yearning to be loved, the cognition of meaninglessness. Futaba's rationality and demonic nature were torn apart.

I really can't think of a better ending than the three of Futaba's fireworks display.

Sakuta's love for Futaba is understanding and support. I know you no matter what you do, and I don't judge you no matter what you do. The you I know is the you I know, not Futaba, who is shackled by morality and human words. Big Brother Saki has never been a good teacher. He understands, accompanies and helps others. As expected of an activist.

And Guojian, who did not want to be named, is the existence of invisible BOSS. He seems to have an innate ability to be loved, and his directness gives him an innate ability to love. His world seemed to have no boundaries: a good friend to the freaks, and a varsity heartthrob. He didn't understand anything, but he still had no reservations. Gentleness is a lie, and the veil of tenderness veils the essence of being unwilling to approach. Guojian is never gentle, he will only answer your call at midnight, and then rush to your downstairs,

Early summer air-dried slimy desires. When everything ebbs, you'll know exactly what you want. It's companionship, it's intense, it's the power to commit murder, or it's the tacit understanding of looking at each other and smiling. Whatever it is, you have to learn to know your worth. Love yourself in order to love others.

The ability to love is so difficult, yet so simple. It's hard to understand after you may be riddled with holes, but it's a tacit understanding that can be confirmed with a smile.

And then again, it seems that there is no way to open a yellow accent and not be hated by others. You can only tell those who like you,

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