When you meet Rabbit-senpai, don't let her disappear

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Slight spoilers, viewers who haven't watched the second episode, please eat with caution.

The cover and title are full of misleading air, after all, it's a bunny girl who many people don't say "like" but "super like".

But trust me, the "meat" element is negligible.

The few minutes of the bunny girl's appearance are exciting, but it's good to stick with it, and then it's pure and messy.

It's not that she doesn't know the purity of the world, but that she can face it calmly even when it comes to sensitive topics. There is no enemy, no indulgence, very calm.

And this calm, contains a huge sadness.

about loneliness

The "observation theory" of this work is based on "Schrödinger's cat". This poor cat has been locked up countless times in various popular science videos, so the setting is not complicated.

What's interesting is the value trend of observational theory itself: when you are no longer observed by others, you no longer exist.

Individualism is the heroic dream of the loner, the tragic resistance.

However, "Youth with a Pig Head Wouldn't Dream of Senior Bunny Girl" is undoubtedly the opposite of the big teacher in Chunwu, that is, there is not such a space for lonely characters, and even the whole world is trying to erase the traces of the lonely.

Former famous actress Mai Sakurajima, who is no longer willing to follow her agent's wishes and disappeared from the public eye, originally intended to pursue a life without being disturbed. The exchange is a cold campus, getting hit on the shoulder at the aquarium, and not even being able to buy your favorite creamy bread.

We have seen too many adverbs of pride, it is a way of comfort, they will say, "Whoever will shake the world will be silent for a long time." No, this loneliness has nothing to do with this, and it will not end there. It is not utilitarian, but emotional, and it has nothing to do with winning or losing, because it is often a complete defeat.

This is not a proposition that can be solved with a "small city" or a "big city". Everyone is lonely in a big city, but the efficient operation does not leave the so-called "lonely person's back garden". When they are separated from this value system, they no longer have the attribute of interest, and they do not have to be forced to live in an environment where they "must spend some time together", the loner is still lonely and nobody cares.

Technological progress seems to be a good solution, even if it's not shrewd: a convenience store with a clerk or even no clerk, a subway gate for self-passing, logistics from courier to self-pickup from lockers... but it doesn't solve people's concerns about others a person's response.

Does falling in love with artificial intelligence count as love? In fact, when raising such questions, the basic reference is still human emotions, the response of one life to another. In fact, the first step in asking this question is wrong. Since they are different, when someone wants one, they can't take out the other and say, "You see that these two are very similar, so just accept it. Otherwise I will argue with you."

In "Youth with a Pig Head Wouldn't Dream of Bunny Girl-senpai", even if she is not observed by the people around, Mai Sakurajima can still use her mobile phone, hold up vegetables (radish?), and swipe her card to drive a car.

Therefore, in the plot, it was arranged that the senior sister complained about "getting it directly" when she couldn't buy bread, which was off topic.

How the body continues to function is not at all the question of "pigs and rabbits in the same cage".

But when we are destined to be lonely, can we leave a little more space.

If the "crime" in "The Stranger" still has room for moral discussion, then why is Mai-senpai who didn't hurt anyone?

As the protagonist Sakuta said, this is a confrontation with "atmosphere".

In the face of the "beautiful campus" that is preached as being extremely pure but being bullied everywhere, and the more cruel "society", strive for a status of "non-integration".

This is not to defend KY, but to explore whether there is another space outside the praise of obedience.

If it is either "blow" or "black", but, can you not say "no blow is black".

At first, the male protagonist Sakuta thought "it's stupid to fight against the atmosphere", but in the face of Mai-senpai, he was willing to shout "help" to his only two friends, and he was willing to accompany her to ask passersby if they still had any impressions, and he was willing to help her sell That creamy bread that I couldn't buy myself.

I think, apart from emotions, what the author wants to convey is that in the face of those "foreigners" who are rejected by the atmosphere, at least he can do something for them, even if it's just standing behind him.

Of course, I also thought about the fantasy of "everyone gives a little love, and the world stands in indifference".

Having a dream is a good thing.

But of course I don't expect that huge monster to change, Mai-senpai is facing the indifference of the whole world. There may not be a solution, there may not be a solution. But at least, you can still accompany her.

About labels

A lot of labels are used at the beginning of this work: "bunny girl", "school sister", "child star"...

But I love the arrangement so far (episode 2), the label is only a flash in the pan at the beginning, it's just a gimmick, not the essence.

Beneath the gorgeous full body label is a girl who will cry, cry, and tremble in fear of disappearing. Although I can't give her a hug, I really hope someone can hold her like that when she's sad.

There are no heroes, no stars.

Like FGO's Matthew: "Not some brave warrior, nor the subject of the story. Just a very ordinary girl."

If you have to label Sister Mai, it will be: a very cute girl.

The label takes you sixpence all over the place, throw it away to find the moon.

About believing

Everything is suspect, but I can't bear the consequences of not believing in a teenage child.

Children can always see different things, adults only believe what they see.

Logic is such a language: it isolates most of the "stupid adults", but it also hurts some "poetic adults".

But when you bind children with logic, it is a force that pushes them away.

The core of this work - adolescent syndrome, is a phenomenon.

Of course you can say:

"It's illogical."

"It's against the basic rules of physics."

"It's not reality."

Even, you can guess that this is just another lie made up by a child who doesn't care and just wants you to hug her.

But what about illogicality? in Huamei

A child who has not hurt others, even a child who is a victim, I am willing to give him more space and let him be willful once.

Especially when facing Mai-senpai, I believe that she may be doing it randomly, but abandoning her may be a loss forever, and she may have no warmth in her heart before being wiped out by something called "the world".

I really can't take it.

"Things that take shape in loneliness can often be used to redeem loneliness. - Olivia Lane, "The Lonely City"

Speaking of which, Mai-senpai met Sakuta, it was a lonely person meeting another lonely person. In the same sea of ​​misery, I only understand your joy.

Many ignorant feelings of adolescence are nothing more than the indifference of other students in a circle, and I am willing to accompany you. It's not necessarily love, it's just some kind of belief.

But this kind of belief is hard to come by.

About master tricks

The lines of "Youth Pig-headed Boys Don't Dream of Bunny Girl-senpai" are very interesting, and they have never been decorated like "I want to get up with you".

Of course, there is no such vulgar dialogue as "Why are you late?" "I'm sorry."

Dialogue stage, can be called fairy fight.

Not only is it profound brain-burning, but ordinary exchanges often make people feel like "My God, can you say this?" "My God, you haven't been beaten yet?"

For a similar depth, see the philosophical dialogue between the great teacher in Harumo and Yukino Yukino.

Therefore, prepare your notebook in advance and be ready to take screenshots at any time.

Of course, it is also possible to brush three times and four times, but the progress of the episode is not enough now, so it is not recommended for the time being.


When you meet her, you don't have to pretend to care, pretend to understand, that's not necessarily what she wants. But, at least, don't let her be ruthlessly crushed by the whole world because she is alone,

Bunny girl-senpai is very cute, don't let her disappear.

Even if there is no way to help Bunny girl-senpai prove her existence, there is still a QR code that can exist by scanning it.

Pick up your little phone and be its big hero.

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