What "Youth Pig Head Boy" taught me is love and growth

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What "Youth Pig Head Boy" taught me is love and growth

In 2019, an anime "Adolescent Pig-Headed Boys Don't Dream of Bunny Girl Senior Sisters", which was not much publicized in advance, entered the public's field of vision, and brought out "people live for Mai Sakurajima" and so on. The well-known stalk and one of the four bullies on campus, Azusagawa Sakuta, a man who is regarded as a master by many otaku.

Master's talk

This somewhat tongue-in-cheek name captures the pain points of many nerds. As young pig-headed teenagers, we have more than once longed for the existence of bunny girl senior sister in the third dimension, and this anime satisfies the fantasies of nerds in a unique way.

But "Spring Pig" is far from a simple harem. It uses quantum mechanics, which is a rotten scientific principle, to explain the various problems we may encounter during adolescence, and externalizes it into the scars on Sakuta and Kaede to show this kind of The pain of adolescence.

Sakuta's scar

Those of us who have experienced campus life may have had enough of this circle over the students' heads, as the anime says, and this circle has always troubled Mai and Koga. We also tried to get out of our comfort zone, but It's not easy, after all the circle is fixed.

school circle

But fortunately, we were also born in this Internet age. The Internet not only provides a way for trolls to hide themselves and take revenge on society, but also provides an opportunity for us to meet more friends.

In fact, I cherish the friendship on the Internet very much, because this friendship is based on common interests rather than the interests of being around at all times. I once wrote a letter to my friends

Good night my friends we've all been trapped in reality and maybe even now, but we've all held onto that cable, even though the physical communication between you and me may be just a few strings of electricity, the string of electricity Entrusted with our desire to find a companion, he will turn into an invisible but incomparably strong force that binds us tightly together. We are separated by thousands of rivers and mountains, but our hearts are always bound together, not only through books and video games, but through everything we share and discuss with each other. We don't have the same adventure as Zhong Ziqi and Bo Shuya in the mountains and rivers, but we have stories that belong to us and a tacit understanding that belongs to each other. Meteors streaking across the night sky, they glow, waiting to be found, and I think so too. We are all like that. -To my friends

Maybe each of us has imagined how beautiful our youth will be, but real life often does not always allow us to get our wish.

"Youth with Pig Head Boy" uses a surreal way under the shell of the harem to show the pain and beauty of youth to the audience . We may not be as lucky as Azusagawa Sakuta in the third dimension, and we can have so many With cute friends of the opposite sex by our side, we may not have the same high emotional intelligence as him, and we can deal with girls with ease. After all, most of us who love to play games and watch anime will be very nervous even when we see girls.

But no matter how beautiful and sweet candies are, they are just fantasies, guiding us to lead reality to better fantasies.

In addition, I also want to talk about the music of the anime

op is definitely one of the most energetic music I've ever heard, it makes people fall into the fantasy rhythm of the film as soon as they listen.

ed is not as fast-paced as op, but uses soothing music to match the scenes of the characters walking on the beach in each chapter to make different ops. It is very conscientious, and this picture has always been one of my computer wallpapers.

Every time we watch an episode, we seem to have an incredible dream, which fits the name of ed (Unbelievable のカルテ)

And it is this mode of one story every few episodes that is similar to a unit drama, which greatly improves the fault tolerance rate of anime, so that the reputation of the entire work will not explode because of some plots.

my computer wallpaper

Let's talk about the theatrical version

In addition to the drama itself, "Spring Pig" also has a theatrical version of "Adolescent Pig-headed Boys Don't Dream of Dreaming Girls' Dreams"

The setting of this theatrical version is more interesting, using a mode similar to time travel to save lovers.

And the time I watched this theatrical version was even more subtle. When I got my college entrance examination score, this was a passage I wrote at that time, and I shared it with everyone as an easter egg.

The timing of watching is really delicate, that is, the moment before my college entrance examination results came out, then I temporarily forgot the plot because he at least took me to another world, although the time was very short. But now that I have learned the score, my mood is hard to express, so be it, young pig head boy, hope to see you again

In the theatrical version, in addition to Shoko who protects Sakuta's present and Mai who protects Sakuta's future, there are also Sakuta and Mai who are willing to sacrifice for each other.

They both love each other more than they imagined.

I've been thinking about why people create animations, knowing that they are all just fantasy, how can it be so beautiful in real life, that every time the animation ends, the audience in front of the screen can only feel deeply sad that they can't experience it personally Such a story is not the protagonist in life.

But perhaps it is those things that are beyond our reach that provide the impetus for us to create the best life. We are attached to this beauty and love the people around us. As Shoko said: The meaning of my life is to Getting kinder every day.

Maybe we will envy Azusakawa Sakuta, he has so many confidants of the opposite sex, even Sakurajima Mai-senpai, a life partner that many people live to pursue. But have you ever understood the reason why Azusakawa Sakuta can be the person she chose, it is his kindness and hard work, which is also the reason why he can become Futaba, Koga....

I'll admit to the maiden and chicken soup ingredients, but I still really like it.

Anime can not only satisfy our fantasies, we should also learn to be kinder, work harder, and help others. Everyone in the film has his own difficulties, and these difficulties need to be overcome by ourselves, even if the surrounding environment is Not as good as you want, even if you become an outsider in the circle.

As the first drama I personally watched, what did "Youth with a Pig Head" teach me?

Be kind, sincere, and brave. People live not only for Mai Sakurajima, but also for themselves and everyone around them . #black box anime connoisseur#

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