Indecision, quantum mechanics

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I have never been a fan of meat-selling harems, and I would not have any intersection with this kind of work whose title is the style of online literature.

The chance to come into contact with "Spring Rabbit" was that I met a girl watching without knowing the title of the film, so I glanced at it. Unexpectedly, within a few minutes, I, an elderly married person, was choked on dog food - yes, you read that right, under such a horny title, it is actually a pure love dog food fan!

What's even more amazing is that "Spring Rabbit" integrates many concepts of quantum mechanics without violation. Although the usage is very exaggerated, it is also reasonable. It is recommended that physics enthusiasts not miss it.

There is also a theatrical version of "Spring Rabbit". I personally suggest that the TV version and the theatrical version must be watched together, because the TV version has dug a big hole and was not filled until the theatrical version.

Since "Spring Rabbit" is the main story, it's almost enough to write a spoiler-free movie review here, but I want to extend the content a little bit.

A big advantage for older two-dimensional fans like me is that they can gradually find out their own preferences. For example, I have no resistance to "Urban/School Legend Pure Love Fan".

"Urban/Campus Legend Pure Love Fan" has two key words, let's talk about pure love first. Whether it is pure love or not is the basic condition for me to choose a love fan. It is probably because there are too many girls (?) madly pursuing me in reality, and I feel aesthetic fatigue, so I don't want to experience the Shura field in the second dimension.

Pure love can be divided into:

Realistic themes ("Honey and Clover", "April Is Your Lie");

Overhead themes ("Violet Evergarden", Gundam series);

Urban/school legends, such as "The Realm of the Sky", "Steins Gate", "CLannaD", "Your Name", etc., including "Spring Rabbit".

There is no difference between these three themes themselves, but I personally prefer a happy ending with a strong sense of substitution.

How do I say this? Generally speaking, realistic themes have the strongest sense of substitution, but in order to be touching, there are few happy endings. For example, "Honey and Four Leaf Clover" has to be broken no matter what, "April Is Your Lie" "Anyway, someone has to have a bento. Of course, there are exceptions, such as "Ice Fruit" which I like very much.

On the other hand, it is not difficult to change the fate of the sky and have a big reunion because it can engage in superpower/high-tech/parallel world/time-space travel, forcibly modify the law of causality, but on the other hand, it is difficult for people to feel a sense of substitution. For example, Kira and Lux ​​in "Gundam seed" are still a pair of popular CPs, but in any case, I have passed the age of fantasizing that I become a new human and sit on Gundam.

The theme of urban/campus legends is easier to achieve a balance between the two. On the one hand, it describes the life and emotions of ordinary people, and has a strong sense of substitution. On the other hand, there is limited use of fantasy settings to create a happy ending.

Further, "Urban Legend Pure Love Fan" can be further subdivided into those with magic sticks and those with strict settings, the world series and the daily series.

For example, in "CLANNAD", if you set a magic stick, don't ask how the heroine was resurrected. Asking is the town of light, which is the miracle of love. Those with strict settings can even produce several worldview formula books, and those who do not know the truth think it is an academic paper.

The world department, such as "Your Name", saved the world while flirting with girls. The daily department is to concentrate on living your own small days.

Of course, the above is for the convenience of an example. In fact, most of the works are dual attributes. "CLannaD" is a daily system that sets a magic stick, and "Your Name" is a world system that sets a magic stick. Today, Amway's "Spring Rabbit" is a rigorous daily routine.

What, you said that "Spring Rabbit" can't be regarded as a strict setting? Indecisive, quantum mechanics, isn't that rigorous enough?

In the past, I liked to set a rigorous world system the most. After all, the moon is my first love. And now I prefer to set a rigorous daily system. Probably really old, uncle, I just want to eat a bowl of dog food with peace of mind, I don’t want to worry about saving the world, 2333

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